August 16, 2021

Essay on Child Labor or Child Labor


Essay on Child Labor or Child Labor

Do not break a bud before it becomes a flower,
Her beauty will be lost.
Don’t shake them before taking care of their childhood.
His innocence will become meaningless.
In their childhood, which could neither be filled with color nor right,
But you don’t even have the right to snatch their childhood.

Essay on Child Labor or Child Labor


Child labor is a very serious matter for our country and society. Today the time has come that we have to understand our moral responsibilities along with talking about this subject.

The uprooting of child labor has become a challenge for our country today because only the parents of the children have started getting the children to work. Today in our country it has become common to see a child doing difficult work.

Child labor has been made a business by big people and mafia. Due to which child labor is increasing day by day in our country and children’s childhood is getting spoiled. Due to this, the future of the children is spoiled, along with poverty spreads in the country and there are obstacles in the development of the country.

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Child labor is illegal in India as well as in all countries. Child labor has become a stigma in our society. The problem of child labor is taking a very serious form with the passage of time. If this problem is not eradicated from the root in time, then the future of the whole country can be in danger.

Meaning of child labor or child labor

When a child is deprived of his childhood and forces them to work in forced labor, it is called child labor. Children are treated as slaves by keeping them away from their families.

In other words – any kind of work done during the childhood of any child in exchange for money or any other greed is called child labor. This type of wage is mostly done in exchange for money or necessities.

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If explained in simple words, children who are below 14 years of age, by snatching their right to childhood, sports, education, harassing them physically, mentally and socially by employing them, by making them work for less money.

Child labor is completely illegal. This type of wage is also condemned by every section in the society. According to Article 24 of the Constitution of India, 1950, children below the age of 14 years employed as laborers, factories, hotels, dhabas, domestic servants, etc.

Comes under child labor. If any person is found doing so, then there is a provision of appropriate punishment for him. According to the latest report, more than 35 million children in India engaged in child labor. Child labor is highest in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan.

Due to child labor or child labor

(i) The biggest reason for child labor is poverty in our country. People from poor families are unable to earn their livelihood, so they send their children for child labor.

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(ii) Due to lack of education, parents think that the sooner children learn to earn, the sooner it will be better for them.

(iii) The parents of some parents are greedy, who do not want to work themselves and send their children to do hard work for few rupees.

(iv) Child labor is also being encouraged because children are given less money as a reward for working, due to which people prefer to employ children.

Millions of children are orphans in our country

(v) Millions of children are orphans in our country, this is also one of the reasons for the increase in child labor. Some mafia people threaten and send those children to beg and work.

(vi) Sometimes children also have family compulsions because some such accidents happen due to which there is no earning person in their family, so they are compelled to work in hotels, dhabas, tea shops, factories in their early childhood. have to go for.

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(vii) The rate of population growth is increasing very fast in India, due to which the price of essential commodities is increasing day by day. Due to which poor people are not able to maintain their family, so all the members of the family have to work, which includes children, so the children have to work hard even if they do not want to.

(viii) Corruption is also one of the reasons for child labor, that is why their owners in big hotels, dhabas and factories employ children without any fear, they know that even if caught, they will give bribe. That is why corruption plays an important role in child labour.

(ix) The Government of India has made laws to stop child labor, but there are many flaws in those laws, taking advantage of this, people carry out child labor and sometimes the law is not followed properly.

Consequences of child labor or child labor

(i) Childhood is the best moment of life, when we are children, we do not worry about anything. We play with toys and everyone loves us and we can read whatever we want. But the children who are engaged in the work of child labor are never able to play and do the work they want. Due to which his entire childhood is spent in working as a laborer.

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(ii) Children who do child labor often become victims of malnutrition because their employer makes them work more but does not give them anything to eat. Due to which there is a lack of energy in their body and they gradually become victims of malnutrition.

Measures to prevent child labor or child labor

Child labor is a curse for our society which will not allow our society to become free from injustice. We should always keep in mind that we do not do the child any favors by giving him money or food instead of getting him to work, rather we play with his future.

(i) To end child labor, first of all we have to change our thinking. To end child labor, first of all, no child should be employed in their homes or offices.

(ii) Strong and stringent laws should be made to prevent child labour. So that no one is afraid to do child labor.

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(iii) If you come across any child labor case, first of all you should report it to the nearest police station.

(iv) We should raise our voice against stone hearts that harbor child labour.

(v) Common man should also be aware about child labor and stop it from happening in his society.

(vi) Poor parents should pay full attention towards the education of their children because today the government is providing facilities like free education, food and medicines in some schools.

(vii) The people of factories and shops should take a vow that they will not make any child work or do labor and will stop the people who get the work done.

(viii) Whenever we buy any item, first of all ask the shopkeeper about its technology. We can create an atmosphere of consciousness in the society by asking this question. We should not use anything made of child labor.

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If we come across any child labour

(xi) If we come across any child labour, first of all we should talk to the family members of the child. Understanding their circumstances, they should tell them about the future of their child. Families of children should tell about the disadvantages and legal penalties of child labor.

(x) There is no improvement in the education system of our country even today. Due to which children from rural areas and isolated areas are still unable to read and write. Due to which he becomes a victim of child labor in his childhood.

(xi) The criminals who engage in child labor due to corruption are easily releasing or they are not arrested at all. Due to which small children have to work, so we should curb corruption.

(xii) There are many good people in our society but we need more good persons who can bear the full cost of education of at least one poor child because nothing can happen unless we take responsibility of our society. Because government alone cannot do everything, so we should go ahead and help poor

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children in their studies.

Actions taken by the government to curb child labor or child labor

The government has been making many laws to make the country completely free from child labor. But unless we and you follow those laws properly, it is not possible to make the country completely free from child labor. Some laws made by the government –


At the same time, those children who should laugh, play and study in childhood, we will find them working hard in large quantities, which will spoil the future of our country.

That’s why we should raise our voice against child labor today and wherever we find any child doing child labor, we should complain to the nearest police station. It is not only the duty of the government to eliminate child labor, it is also our duty.

Child labor is a huge social problem. This problem needs to end by all at the earliest. If no action is taken on this problem soon, it will hollow the whole country like a termite. Children are the future of our country.

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If their childhood will spend in darkness and child labor then how can we imagine a strong India. If we want to build a new India, then child labor will have to uproot from the root, this is possible only with the cooperation of us and the government.


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