February 23, 2022

How to Keep Students Engaged in Digital Courses?


How to Keep Students Engaged in Digital Courses?


Online teaching is a teaching method or learning in which learners can study online while sitting on the couch by making use of the internet and electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, among others. It is a method for instructors and learners to communicate with one another via the Internet from anywhere in the world. It is an educational system wherein educators from all over the world can instruct any learner from anywhere in the world, and students can study in any corner of the world.


Since everyone was strictly forbidden from leaving the house due to the pandemic Covid-19. As a consequence, all schools and colleges were closed, and students were barred from obtaining an education through the traditional classroom structure. Thus the use of a mobile teacher app enables the educators to instruct the learners without any disruption.


Keeping the students motivated and engaged in the online course can be tricky for the teachers, mentioned below are some of the strategies that can help the teachers in minimizing dropout and keeping the students motivated and excited about online learning.

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  • Provide prompt and responsive feedback

In online courses, feedback is essential. When the academic process takes place in a traditional classroom structure, the educator has ample chances to provide real-time feedback, optimize students, and identify crucial mistakes. When studying at a distance, postponed feedback can increase students’ feelings of isolation and even cause serious deviations from the course.


  • Make resources easily accessible.

Online courses via Video API benefit greatly from the accessibility and abundant supply of relevant instructional content on the Internet. As a teacher, your job is to advise students on further reading and learning by providing links to easily accessible resources. You will ensure that students always have access to them and that they receive all of the knowledge you require in this manner.


  • Make use of a range of teaching methods.

Students understand information better in a visual format, while some students have audial personas. Some elements may be lacking in online learning, having left some students outside the bounds of effective studying. As a result, it is a teacher’s responsibility to ensure that his or her course materials involve visual, audial, and textual formats to provide all students with an equal opportunity for understanding and grasping what is being taught.

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  • The teacher’s zeal

Online learning is tough for everyone, even the most motivated and inspired students will lose interest in learning if they do not see the identical interest in their educator, so it is the teacher’s major element to represent as a leading example of genuine enthusiasm for the subject. Make compelling lectures, organize interpersonal and engaging discussions, and repetitively connect the course content to real life. At times using motivational quotes for students can also drive them away from boredom and promote them to move forward with enthusiasm.


  • Excellent planning and organization

Because of the range of activities that students can participate in, a real-life classroom allows for some spontaneity. In the online world, however, good planning and organization are the keys to impactful learning and student involvement.


The participation of learners in online courses is critical, as, without it, everything is futile. Students’ active participation improves the educational experiences and adds more joy to the teaching process. The overall key to successful online student engagement and motivation is to incorporate motivational factors and community engagement into the online course. But even so, keep in mind the primary goal of the lesson, which is to effectively educate the students. Finally, because each student is unique and each class is unique, teachers must employ a variety of tools to keep students engaged and motivated.

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