August 29, 2022

Dental Health Issue Can Severely effects your cats’well being


Dental Health issues can severely affect your cats’ well-being. Lack of dental hygiene can cause our cats the same amount of pain that humans feel. Poor Dental health leads to loss of appetite and ultimately leads to severe illnesses.


Cat Dental Health – Blueprint

Cats usually possess a high tolerance level and can hide their pain discomfort and pain quite well. Your pet cat can be suffering from a very painful episode of toothache and will probably never express it. As a result, cat owners should be aware of their pets’ oral health and keep their teeth clean.


How can one maintain effective oral hygiene for their cats?


As a wise man once said, prevention is better than cure and hence creating a routine where your cat’s oral hygiene is always checked and cleaned can be a drastic first step. Begin by creating a new oral hygiene routine for your furry friend at home. This can include introducing toothbrushes and getting their mouths looked after from a young age.

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The prime objective should be to make the whole process super relaxing and stress-free for the cat. Always try to initiate the process when they are relaxed or sleepy.

  • Gently lift your cat’s lips then with your fingers slightly massage their teeth and gums. This will help them get accustomed to intrusions in their teeth.
  • Don’t push too much pressure or make any sudden movements at all the first few times. The first few times start with just two or three major teeth and then make your way to other parts of the mouth gradually.
  • The above process will introduce trust and patience with your cat. Always feed her tasty treats in the process so it feels rewarding.
  • Do this for a good few months and you will gradually see your cat will get used to the habit of oral hygiene. Once the trust is instilled, you can introduce a cat toothbrush in the process.
  • A cat toothbrush and clean your furry pet’s teeth much better than your fingers. This is the most effective way to maintain oral hygiene for your cat.
  • Introducing toothpaste in the mix is also a great idea, they come in all shapes and sizes, colours and flavours.
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Patience is key to promoting good oral hygiene

Although the above steps sound like it is going to be an easy task cleaning your cats’ teeth and maintaining oral hygiene. The success of the above steps can only be achieved if your cat is calm and not in a bad mood which is very tough. If you have a cat that is on a tougher side of the temperament the process can be next to impossible. Some cat owners just clean their cats’ mouths with gauze or attempt to.


The most important area to target your oral hygiene routine would be near the gum area. Move your brush or finger before your cat gets irritated and starts scratching.


Your cat can get alarmed and annoyed by the oral hygiene and will attempt to defend herself. Feed the cat some amazing feline treats that are not only rewarding but also contribute to the overall dental health of the cat.

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Cat Dental Health - Blueprint, dental health issue can severely effects your cats well being, dental health issue can severely effects your cats'well being, How can one maintain effective oral hygiene for their cats?, Patience is key to promoting good oral hygiene

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