February 21, 2022

Tips for Picking the Right Comforter Size


Choosing a comforter for your bed is an essential task for any homeowner. A comforter will help you make the bed comfortable and cozy. The right comforter is the perfect choice for your space so that you can use it without any hassle. The following suggestions will help you select the right comforter for your mattress. Read on to discover the benefits of a new comforter.


A blanket and a comforter are required for a relaxing night’s sleep. Choosing the appropriate comforter, on the other hand, can be difficult. You’ll need a comfortable, breathable comforter that’s also the proper size. Consider the possibility of purchasing a comforter that is either too long or too short for your bed. Wouldn’t that be aggravating? Unfortunately, bed comforters do not come in regular sizes. But don’t worry; you’ll still be able to find a suitable comforter.

This article will teach you what a comforter is, how to choose a comforter, and all there is to know about comforter sizes.

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When you buy a new comforter for your mattress, it is good to measure your mattress before purchasing a new comforter. The standard size for a queen-sized mattress is 60 by 80 inches and is about 12 inches tall. That means that your comforter should be 72 inches wide and 92 inches long, which is the standard dimensions of a comforter. Be sure to measure the sides and the height of your bed, as you don’t want the comforter to fall off your bed.


The length of your comforter is equally as important. Make sure that it covers the entire mattress, not just the side. If you want your comforter to be floor-grazing, you should add another few inches to the width and length of your bed. However, it would help if you did not go beyond this, as you might not pull it off properly. You will also need to consider the width of your comforter. For a more accurate result, you should double the length of your bed plus one inch for thickness.

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Thickness Of Mattress



Besides the size, you should also mind the thickness of your mattress. For instance, a queen-size bed is 60 by 80 inches but 12 inches thick. Therefore, your comforter should be 72 by 92 inches. Ensure that your comforter covers the sides and top of your bed. When selecting a comforter, you should consider the thickness of the mattress and the size of your bed. The more comfortable you choose, the better.


The length of your comforter should match the size of your bed. Ideally, the comforter should cover all sides of the bed. Despite its name, a thicker mattress requires a thicker material. Adding a few inches to the length and width of your mattress will make your new comforter even larger. This can help you save a little bit of money on the purchase. The right size is essential for both the look and the comfort of your bedroom.

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If you wish to buy a comforter for your bed, you must consider its length. The length of a comforter should be about two-thirds the length of your bed. Ideally, it should cover the sides of your bed. A comforter should wrap the sides and the top of your mattress. If your mattress is thicker, you may need a more comprehensive option. It should also be long enough to reach the corners of your bed.


Matching It With Your Mattress


The width of your comforter should cover the width of your mattress and the thickness of your bed. The length should be about two and a half times the depth of your mattress. Similarly, the length should be at least three times the length of your mattress. The width should overlap the bed skirt or the bottom of the mattress. You can also choose to donate your mattress and buy a new mattress that can suit your comforter. This way, the comforter should be long enough to cover both sides of the bed. The dimensions of the comforter should be the same as the size of your bed.

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You can determine the length of your comforter by adding the thickness of your mattress. Firm mattress feels more solid, and they have more consistency. Adding the thickness of the mattress will determine the length of the comforter. If you are buying a comforter for a queen-size bed, you should measure the mattress’s width and height. This will ensure that the width of the comforter is large enough to cover the entire length of the bed. You can start shopping for a new comforter when you have the proper measurements.


  • Height of the Bed Frame


The height of your bed frame is crucial in deciding the size of your comforter. Extra-wide comforters are required to cover the sides of the mattress if you have a high bed frame. On the other hand, short bed frames do not necessitate oversized comforters.


  • Length of Drape


Drape length is a personal choice. Whether you want the comforter to wrap the sides of your bed or be short enough not to lie on the floor depends on your preferences. If you have a box spring bed or mattress foundation with a bed skirt, we recommend leaving about one-half of the bed skirt visible for a more pleasing appearance.

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  • Oversized Comforter


During your comforter search, you’ll note that some of the comforters are labeled as ‘oversized.’ An enormous comforter has a lot of widths but not a lot of lengths. An oversized comforter is an excellent choice if you have a thick mattress. A queen-size comforter, for example, measures 86 to 88 inches broad, whereas a big mattress measures 115 inches wide.




When purchasing a new comforter, remember to measure your mattress. This will help you choose which size will fit your bed perfectly. Some comforters have standard sizes that will fit most mattresses, while others are made to fit extra-thick mattresses. If you are dicey with the measurements of your bed, look for one with dimensions at the top of the range. Otherwise, you may need to skip a category or buy a different comforter altogether.




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