November 29, 2021

Sublimation Printer – SubliXpress


If you’ve never used a sublimation printer, you’re missing out! SubliXpress uses active seaming technology, a process that helps the ink stay in place as the paper moves through the printing process. It can print high-quality images on a variety of substrates, including recycled paper and polyester, and has a high production capacity. Its four print heads each have four nozzles and a gold plated metal encoder. The machine comes with a pre-installed color management engine, which ensures optimum colour matching.

The solid aluminium frame is designed to eliminate vibration, which can cause uneven printing. The printheads are staggered, and the printer has variable ink pressures for high-quality results. Because the printer is made of a high-quality aluminum frame, it is durable and can handle a wide range of papers and materials. It also has a powerful variable vacuum bed, which means the ink transfers very smoothly on any substrate.

The SubliXpress is the perfect machine for fashion apparels. With its 8,000 square-metres/day production capacity, this machine is the perfect choice for first-time investors. The color of the print heads is adjustable and is also easy to adjust. The color of the print is smooth and varied. It can be used for home furnishings, sports gear, and other applications. With its unique active seaming technology, the SubliXpress can produce high-quality, vibrant colours with excellent detail.

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The SubliXpress is India’s most advanced high-speed sublimation printer. It is equipped with a jumbo roll feeder, infrared dryers, and anti-crash sensor. It can also handle extremely thin paper, and can print up to 4000 square meters a day. With its TST technology, the SubliXpress can produce images that are vivid and life-like.

The SubliXpress uses advanced Piezoelectric inkjet technology and features two or four or eight Kyocera industrial print cartridges. It is the fastest and most versatile dye-sublimation printer in Pakistan. Its specialized design makes it an ideal choice for many applications, such as high-volume garments. This machine has an impressive capacity, enabling it to print up to four thousand square meters per day.

The SubliXpress Plus printer can print up to 400 mm-diameter rolls. It is equipped with a gold-plated metal encoder that can print at high speeds. Its dual-stage drying system allows for smoother output. The SubliXpress has a high-quality, eco-friendly design and can print with up to 72 PL of ink. The SubliXpress has many advanced features, which make it an excellent choice for large-volume commercial printing.

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Another advantage of using a dye-sublimation printer is that it has low power consumption, which means that it can print more fabrics in a day. The SubliXpress Plus is equipped with a color management engine, which is an important feature in a sublimation printer. It also comes with an infrared drying system, which helps the ink adhere to the fabric. In addition, it includes a variety of other advanced features.

SubliXpress is the name of India’s color-jet group. Its ink is a popular brand for sublimation printing. The printer supports all kinds of fabrics, including cotton and silk. It’s also known as a heat transfer printer. It’s one of the most affordable choices among sublimation printers, as it doesn’t need a toner cartridge. Once you have the image ready, you’re good to go.

The SubliXpress is an affordable choice for a high-speed sublimation printer. It comes with eight Kyocera heads and has an adjustable drop size. Its speed allows you to print a wide variety of colours at high speeds. It’s an economical choice for large-scale business owners. However, it’s not a perfect option for smaller businesses. The SubliXpress Plus costs about $200 and is the most expensive model.

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The SubliXpress is one of the most popular sublimation printers available. Its continuous tone allows it to print any image on any material. The SubliXpress has fewer moving parts than most inkjet printers. In addition to its ink, the SubliXpress also comes with infrared dryers. A subliXpress is a great choice for businesses that need to create high-quality logos or patches for clothing.



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