November 8, 2021

Everything you need to know about VA Loan Entitlement


Through the VA Loans, Veterans, Surviving Spouses, and Service members have been offered an affordable and more accessible way of owning loans. Provision of VA Home Loans is made by private lenders, home mortgages, and commercial banks. This mortgage offered through the US Department of Veterans Affairs Program has the following benefits:

Purchase Loans

The VA Loans have several benefits to its applicants, which enable them to enjoy the VA fruits even more. Without requiring a down payment or any private mortgage insurance, one can purchase a home at competitive interest. The VA Funding Chart helps one visualize how the fees vary depending on the fees or cost of the house to be bought. The following factors are looked into to have a good VA Funding Chart:

  1. Prior VA Use
  2. Type of Service
  3. Loan Type
  4. Loan Amount
  5. Down Payment

Adapted Housing Grants

Veterans and certain service members with service-connected disabilities are offered housing grants to change or buy a home that enables them to live more independently or shift the home whenever needed. The following factors determine whether one is eligible for a housing grant or not.

  1. Have a qualified service-connected disability.
  2. Certain Service Burns.
  3. Multiple non functioning limbs.
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Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan

The Streamline Refinance Loan can help you acquire a lower interest rate by refinancing the existing VA Loan. The interest reduction refinances loan also allows you to stabilize your payment. You can replace your most current loan with a new one under entirely different terms with refinancing. However, one is eligible for refinancing if:

  1. If you have a VA-backed home loan.
  2. You can fully testify that you currently fully live in the house funded by the loan,
  3. If using the IRRRL to refinance the existing VA-backed home loan.


Native American Direct Loan Program

Native American Veterans can finance the whole process of acquiring the home, such as construction and purchase. A loan to refinance an existing Native American Direct Loan and reduce interest rates is also provided. One is, however, legible for the loan if:

  1. They live in the home they want the NADL to improve, buy or build.
  2. If you meet the credit standards and requirements.
  3. Proof of a steady income to help cover the mortgages.
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Foreclosure Avoidance Assistance

During times of financial difficulty, VA provides financial counseling to its veterans for free.VA technicians help you to keep your house after failing to pay for it. Contact your financial advisor soon enough to help avoid foreclosure. Surviving Spouses are given financial guidance or work directly in case of a VA loan.


As a one-time percentage of the mortgage, the funding fee is paid close upfront due at the escrow’s close and can be paid all at once in cash or financed as the mortgage plan part. The available VA Loan Overview Podcast provides valuable tips about owning a home.

VA Loan Requirements

Closing costs are fees that are part and parcel of a home loan. The funding fee is usually rolled into loan amount allowing for absolutely zero closing costs. There is flexibility with the loan, and individuals pay on their terms. Some choose to pay for the entire funding fee when closing their house deals, while others opt to roll up the VA funding fee chart straight into home financing.

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The main pillars of the VA home benefit are the following:

  • No down payment is required.
  • VA home loan is termed as a lifetime benefit and can be used several times without issues.
  • It has competitively and relatively low and affordable low-interest rates.

Before purchase, be sure to go through the VA Home Loan Buyer’s Guide and make the most out of your loan benefit.

Final Thoughts

Nearly 90 % of the VA-backed loans are done without a down payment. It simply means that a veteran’s home loan program has the capability of offering better ownership terms than with a private bank or credit union. As the surviving veteran of your spouse, dig deep if you’re eligible for the loans and do not hesitate in placing your application with limited closing costs. Taking advantage of the VA Loans could turn out to be the best decision you’ll have made after all.

Author name– Hannah Gilbert

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