August 31, 2021

5 Reasons Why Chronographs Are Beloved Timepieces


For many of us, a watch should be as simple as it should be. It’s a time-telling device, after all. And wearing something large and heavy like a wristwatch chronograph on your wrist is just bothersome and inconvenient, right? Many would disagree, and for good reasons. It would be a mystery to some of us when we individuals wear these timepieces. So we listed three aspects of a wristwatch chronograph you have probably missed just by looking at them from afar. We like to give you insight into why people love to wear them so much.

1.  Bulky For A Good Reason


Chronographs are naturally bulky to house a chronograph movement. With additional counters on the dials to record seconds and minutes, wristwatch chronographs need to be readable and have a lot of space to accommodate all the necessary parts of it to function. A wristwatch chronograph’s typical size is between 40 – 42 millimeters in diameter and has a thickness of 13 millimeters. Many find the big size watch appealing and fit it into their style, but on the other hand, large and bulky watches are not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why some watch brands aim to make slimmer models, like Breitling with its Premier B01, which has 42-millimeters of case size and a thickness of 13. 6 millimeters. The challenge, however, in slimming down chronographs would be to maintain a high-grade movement and to keep its dial legible.

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2. Pushers to Record the Time


Another factor that adds to the size is its pushers which are essential for it to function. Most wristwatch chronographs have two pushers located at the right side of the case, placed between the crown. These pushers allow wristwatch chronographs to start and stop. The upper pusher starts the wristwatch chronograph, and the bottom one stops and resets the chronograph hand back to its original position. If we want chronographs to lose this essential function that makes them, then we have to allow its substantial size to continue to put a powerful presence on the wearer’s wrist.

3. A Reliable Companion

Chronographs also played essential roles in the different fields. Astronauts use it to calculate the time that is critical for their mission, as well as military pilots and medical practitioners. Without the help of advanced technology, people relied on their wristwatches for expeditions, to assist them in their profession, in life and death situations, and groundbreaking achievements. The features that help count time, distance, and pulse make it easier for people back then. A wristwatch chronograph is something you can rely on when you are left with your wits and guts to perform your duty.

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4. High-Functioning Timepiece

Wristwatch chronographs are made to assure accuracy and have COSC certificates to ensure that the timepiece functions well in different circumstances. To do that, they are tested in different temperatures, and movements are removed and placed in different positions. The rate is rigorously measured and needs to pass a 2-week test for wearers to guarantee them that the quality it claims matches its actual performance before it is certified. Chronographs with COSC certificates you can be sure that they are more than the average watch. With its high-grade functionality and reliability, it’s no wonder why even people love wearing wristwatch chronograph. You can find them on the wrist of even those whose work or lifestyle don’t require them to wear a wristwatch chronograph. Because who does not love a reliable companion?

  5. Preserves History of Sports Car Racing

If there is one field that is most commonly thought of when you hear the word chronograph it will be sports car racing. Chronographs have a long way of history. But the most groundbreaking event that revolutionized it was the birth of the automatic chronograph: the Caliber 11. Caliber 11 chronographs, along with other reputable chronographs, we’re used to time sports events. With the involvement of chronographs in sports car racing early on, it became synonymous with the sport. Even though technology has brought many convenient ways to record time, many still find the charm and functionality of chronographs more appealing.

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Besides the convenience, it gives us a timepiece with immediate access to recording time in a flip of a wrist. Many also love the chronographs as a way of looking back to the eras of sports car racing a long time ago. Back when everyone’s attention was on sports, and it had groundbreaking events to behold. Having chronographs let watch wearers look back and revisit that period.

In a Nutshell

There is more to know about the chronographs. Some may call it an expensive-over-glamorized stopwatch. But that remains to be judged and depends on what kind of chronograph a person is wearing and what they are wearing it for.


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