September 24, 2022

5 Little-Known Facts that Affect Your Average Hourly Loss in a Casino


Casino gambling is meant to be enjoyable. I’m not entertained if I’m losing a lot of money, in my opinion. Knowing and minimizing your hourly earnings loss rate is an important element of going as long as you can without going bankrupt. The less money you lose every hour in general, the more you can play, which means you’ll have much more fun.

This is particularly critical in games with huge top jackpots. The longer you can play, the better your chances to win a huge sum. People are also interested in สล็อต ออนไลน์ to save your time.


Consider the largest prize on a video poker machine: millions of coins, right?

Because you won’t see a card combination that can lead to the top reward (usually a natural royal flush) very often, the top prize is substantially higher than the second- or third-best rewards. You should potentially hit a natural if you play long sufficient.


 How to Calculate Your Hourly Loss Average

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I know of two effective methods for calculating your hourly earnings loss rate.

The first method is the most reliable because it is based on actual results.


There are four steps to this process:


Keep track of everything you do.


Add up your victories.


Calculate your losses.


Subtract the result from the total time you spent playing. This provides you with a fairly precise assessment of your average hourly losses, but it takes time to gather, collect, and analyze the information. I know a faster, though less precise, way.

For the sake of clarity, you can compute your predicted average rate and use that as your rate.

To do so, you’ll need to know the game’s estimated return % as well as how many cards or spins you’ll be performing per hour.





You may calculate how much you should lose on median every hour once you have these facts.

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This is a nice approach to come up with a rough cost for a casino excursion.


For instance, if you bet blackjack for $10 each hand using basic strategy and house rules that give you house a 1% advantage.

If you play 100 hands per hr, you will lose $10 per hour on average.





The following are five facts you might not realize about your average hourly loss rate. On online casino platforms, the calculation is easy and has no chance of fault.






Big Profits and Big Business


To suggest that casino gaming is profitable is an exaggeration.

Commercial casino gaming revenue was at $30 billion in 2020, down nearly 30% from recent years. due to the COVID-19 epidemic, following a seven-year trend of steady year-over-year growth.


Gambling is still a major business. 


It’s no surprise that the profits come from the following sources:

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Some games’ speed is determined by elements outside your control, such as blackjack and roulette, which are stately table games that take longer to finish.

Gamblers, on the other side, can alter the speed of a variety of slot machines.

You can play video poker or slots and limit yourself to a certain amount of สล็อต per hour.

You can also reduce the number of hands you play by taking an hour-long break from the blackjack or roulette table. Visit the บาคาร่าออนไลน์ site to know about more interesting facts.


Roulette is a slow-paced game with a low hourly rate of loss.

However, it has a higher house advantage than other games.

If you’re going to be playing, stick to wheels with a single zero.

Playing on a double-zero roulette table


Some casino games can be defeated.


You can minimize the house edge on several slot machines to 0 or less if you put in the effort.

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This is true for three traditional games: baccarat, cards, and sports gambling

Let’s look at blackjack more thoroughly, because it’s both popular and simple to characterize in terms of the average hourly loss.


You must understand how to card count and locate the finest games in order to gain an advantage at blackjack.

You can play flawless fundamental strategy and lower the house edge to around a half percent if you find the ideal games.

When you master card counting, you can work with a half percentage or higher advantage over the casino. An interesting piece of information is that แทงบอลออนไลน์ gave you the best information on betting.


Counting cards is not prohibited. 

Casinos, on either hand, despise it.

They can refuse to play or make the rules so harder to comprehend that you can’t really count.







To count cards, you don’t need to recall all of the cards that have been dealt.

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A running count requires simply the ability to add and remove 1s and/or 2s.

You must also estimate simple multiplication problems while playing. If you put in the significant time and effort, anyone can learn to count cards.

I’ve heard that blackjack players can learn to count cards well in ten hours of study.




 How to Calculate Your Hourly Loss Average, 5 little-known facts that affect your average hourly loss in a casino, Big Profits and Big Business, Counting cards is not prohibited. , Gambling is still a major business. , Some casino games can be defeated., แทงบอลออนไลน์

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