January 31, 2022

6 User-friendly Mac Tools for Studying 


When you buy a Mac, you’re investing in speed and convenience. With a Mac, you can do everything from play simple games at the National casino site to create 3D cartoons. And a Mac PC is a trusted companion for teaching and learning. Here are some useful tools to help you do just that.


A versatile planning app that consists of boards and columns with task lists. You can use it for absolutely any purpose – from making a shopping list for the near future to controlling large-scale projects.


With the help of boards, things can be divided into areas: studies, work, apartment, and so on. Lists are designed for specific areas: subjects at university, various work projects, household chores, shopping, paying bills, and more.


The program is great for collaborative planning. You have the ability to turn a personal board into a team board. It can become your university group space with which you solve any collaborative tasks.

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A handy text editor in note-taking format that comes in handy for taking notes of absolutely any type. You can use it to record the key points of lectures or create them practically from scratch. It was for its ease of use that this program won the prestigious Apple Design Awards in 2017. Since then, it has received a large number of additional features and has become even more convenient.


To quickly organize any material in the app, special bookmark tags are used, which you can leave in any place in the text and return to them as needed.


One of the most powerful graphic editors you’ll ever find on a Mac. It takes advantage of all the modern features of Apple’s operating systems and gives you the best experience with bitmap images. The app comes in handy for processing photos and any other images you might need in your classroom. Perhaps you are preparing a report from a summer internship, then you can use it to process pictures for your presentation.

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This app won the prestigious Apple Design Awards in 2011. The developers created a graphics editor that looks just like part of the operating system or Apple’s proprietary office suite.


There’s a common misconception that drawing apps are only for professional or enthusiastic artists. In fact, they can and should be used in many other areas of activity.


Sketchbooks can be used to build a mental line and come up with a successful realization of a task of any complexity. Sketches help to visualize processes and simplify their understanding, they are necessary for any creative process. You can’t predict exactly when interesting ideas will come to mind. But they can always be sketched with this simple app.

Roadmap Planner

A unique app for creating sequences in study, work, business and just life. You can use it to realize what steps you really need to take to achieve your goals, so you can achieve them precisely.

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The main mission of the program’s developers is to visualize and organize your thoughts. For example, if you want to learn how to draw, make a plan: find a teacher, allocate time, buy the necessary tools, and so on. You can limit each of these actions to a time frame so that you don’t procrastinate on the big task. It also works well in business when you map out the interrelationships of the processes within it.


This is one of the simplest but most functional tools for creating websites. You can use it to organize a page on the internet for your future business while preparing a business plan and more. To use this website builder, knowledge of any of the programming languages is not needed. The app uses a purely visual approach, so you always see the end result and can change it to your liking.


Sparkle developers insist that it will help you create a page that will increase the positive response to you. With it, you will increase your lecture attendance or create a part-time job while you study.

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6 user-friendly mac tools for studying , Bear, Pixelmator, Roadmap Planner, SketchBook, Sparkle, Trello

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