December 9, 2021

Will Five Guys close in 2021? Twitter Rumor Explained


Will Five Guys close in 2021? Twitter Rumor Explained

Max SeeleyJanuary 2, 2021

Baby Isabelle/AFP via Getty Images

Will Burger Franchise Five close its restaurants in 2021?Some netizens seem to think that “The Five” is coming to an end, but are the rumors true? Please read carefully to find out.


Reportedly a worrying time for the foodservice industry One in six restaurants closed since March. There are rumors that the classic fast food chain Five Guys could now join 100,000 closed restaurants, but is this true?

At Five Guys, the safety of our employees and guests is paramount. Below is an overview of the enhanced safety measures we have implemented in our restaurants.

— Five Guys (@FiveGuys) September 14, 2020

The rumors appear to have started around mid-December, with some Twitter users tweeting about the five guys shutting down in 2021.

Surprised to read that one of the few reasonably good fast food chains will be closing all of them. Good for five, one of my favorites.

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— dmoniq2001 (@dmoniq2001) December 14, 2020

Other users accepted the speculation, expressing their disappointment.

However, the source of the speculation appears to have originated from the collapse of the Oman Five, which fans mistook for the collapse of the entire team.

Although five people have Sells its 27 Texas locationsincluding the restaurant at Southlake Town Square, has no indication that they will close the franchise in 2021 or anytime.

In fact, Five Guys recently announced the expansion of the beloved burger brand Entering the Australian market in 2021.

Like many chains, Five Guys has adjusted its business model in the harsh climate caused by covid-19. According to its websitewhich offers delivery and curbside pickup in lockdown areas.

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