July 4, 2022

Why Magicians Are Fun for Both Children and Adults    


Whether it’s a fifth or fiftieth birthday party, hiring a magician for entertainment is not a bad idea.


These illusionists and magic makers aren’t just for kids. Talent like Adam Wylie are trained professionals and can play to any age audience and make them see the benefit of a little magic in their lives.


A sense of mystery never gets old.

It’s human nature to want to be mystified by something. It feeds into our inherent curiosity and helps us grow.


When presented with something that has no obvious solution, like a magic trick, it opens our world up to possibilities.


It gets our minds going and challenges our knowledge, whether we have lived experiences for decades or only been on this earth for a handful of years.


It’s a form of escape.

As you get older it’s harder to find ways to break from the everyday norms and routine of life.


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This is why we often escape into books, movies, and other forms of entertainment. Magic is no different.


Even for an hour, magicians transport the audience to a world of fantasy where they don’t have to think of anything except what’s right in front of them.


It recreates childhood wonder.

At the moment a child doesn’t realize the sense of awe they’re experiencing watching a magic act. It’s only until years later we recognize that, and often yearn to get that feeling back.


Seeing a magician as an adult brings a sense of nostalgia with it. It may recall your very own birthday party as a kid or make you feel the wonder you felt in your formative years as you were discovering something new.


It leaves a lasting impression.

Even if you think you know everything, magicians pull out a trick that completely blows your mind.


You are likely to walk away from a magic show retaining a trick that seemed improbable yet happened before your eyes.

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This may lead you to do further research and discover new knowledge, or pass along what you saw to other people who you then forge a connection with.


It puts everyone on a level playing field.

An all-ages show is fantastic to be a part of because the magic confounds and delights everyone the same.


Unless there’s another trained magician in the audience, there’s not one person in attendance who truly knows how a trick is done or what is logically happening in front of them.


This brings everyone to the same level of entertainment and connection.


People like to feel like they are a part of something.

Seeing a magician is a shared experience and often one that is interactive.


Magicians frequently need assistants or volunteers to help complete a trick. It’s fun for the person on stage helping out, as well as for the audience who gets to now watch the trick happen through the eyes of someone like them.

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Live entertainment like musicians creates an experience that has effects long after the show is through.


A sense of mystery never gets old., It leaves a lasting impression., It puts everyone on a level playing field., It recreates childhood wonder., It’s a form of escape., People like to feel like they are a part of something., why magicians are fun for both children and adults    

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