August 17, 2022

Why Do We Need To Sleep At Least Eight Hours?


Sleep is more than a luxury. Individuals need sufficient quantities of this deep form of rest to perform at their best and maintain optimal health.

Sleep Requirements Of Adults And Children

One’s specific daily sleep requirements depend upon their age. As a general rule, younger persons need greater quantities than older souls.

Infants, toddlers, preschool aged youths, school aged children, and teenagers are urged to obtain anywhere from eight to 16 hours of restful slumber every night. However, those between 18 and 60 typically only need seven hours. Those older than 60 might require seven or fewer hours.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Healthcare providers and scientific researchers label sleep as an essential function, meaning it is a necessity for long-term survival. Slumber enables the body to settle down, repair itself, fight invaders, and help keep one’s mind fresh and clear.

Processes Directly Impacted By Sleep


Sleep greatly influences how productive a person can be. Researchers have found that those not receiving adequate amounts of sleep often perform less effectively at work, school, and other activities than those fortunate enough to sleep well.

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A continued lack of rest increases one’s chances of feeling physically and mentally fatigued. Such events weaken their capacity to think, reason, and absorb new facts. In the most serious extremes, chronic insomnia may inhibit an individual’s motor skills. This could prove dangerous or even fatal to subjects spending significant amounts of time driving or operating other heavy machinery.

At the very least, sleep loss could threaten one’s professional and financial security.


Those lacking sufficient rest stand at a greater risk of consuming excessive calorie concentrations and eating unhealthy foods.

Normal slumber is needed to help the body regulate its production and secretion of appetite-suppressing hormones. When one does not sleep well, the balance of such chemicals is thrown off, which often results in stricken subjects feeling hungry and eating more often. Moreover, they often satisfy said cravings with edibles containing appreciable levels of potentially detrimental products such as salt, fat, and sugar.

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When people fail to receive adequate rest, their bodies are forced to utilize energy at a far greater rate. Over time, quickly expended energy results in problems like tiredness and a weakened state of alertness.


Insomnia exercises a negative influence over the body’s ability to produce mood-enhancing hormones. Researchers have conducted countless sleep deprivation studies. In most instances, the findings have shown that persons lacking sleep often experience:




*Aggressive behavior

*Violent tendencies

In severe cases, these negative emotions could result in relationship problems and possibly even criminal behavior.

Hormonal Balances

Sleep deprivation plays a critical part in systemic imbalances of almost every important metabolic or reproductive hormone the body creates or releases. When such inequities grow pronounced, the afflicted subject might encounter physical and emotional manifestations such as:


*A decreasing sex drive

*Weight gain

*Declining muscle mass

*Bone density loss

*Increasing body fat concentrations


Hormonal problems might also contribute to the development of potentially dangerous diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular illnesses, and even various forms of cancer.

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Hormonal imbalances might cause such appreciable hormonal imbalances that one might need to undergo corrective treatment. But before considering different options make sure to know exactly what is Ibutamoren-mk-677 and what are the negative and positive effects of such products.

Other Consequences Resulting From Sleep Deprivation

In addition, sleep loss may bring forth other notable medical maladies including:

Poor General Health

Those not getting sufficient slumber offer suffer from poor general health. This is because rest is paramount to the establishment and maintenance of a strong immune system. Should one continually fail to gain needed sleep, they stand at greater risk of developing more frequent infections like colds and upper respiratory issues. Furthermore, over the long haul, their risk of severer ailments heightens.

Mental Illnesses

Researchers link insomnia with appreciable mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders and depression. Over time, the problem results in imbalanced brain chemistry. These chemical disparities ultimately alter the structure of or damage brain cells, which results in the aforementioned mental concerns.

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Cognitive Functions

Decreased slumber times are notorious for impacting one’s cognitive functions. Insomniacs are known to experience significant and sometimes hazardous bouts of memory loss and concentration difficulties. These issues can grow so severe that the stricken subject might encounter trouble executing even the most basic or mundane tasks.


Sleep troubles are associated with heightened stress levels. Medical professionals attribute this to the fact that insomnia elevates bodily concentrations of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Ways To Obtain More Sleep

Individuals may fall asleep faster and remain in slumber for longer periods by following suggestions like:

*Getting adequate exercise

*Not eating or drinking in the hours preceding bedtime

*Powering down potentially distracting electronic devices such as televisions, stereo systems, and mobile devices

*Steering clear of any products containing nicotine or caffeine during the evening hours

*Retiring at the same time each night

*Avoid napping during the day

*Refrain from using sleeping pills as said drugs could become habit forming and leave you even groggier following morning

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Above all, individuals are encouraged to create a favorable sleeping environment. This means ensuring one’s resting space is dark enough, quiet, and kept at a comfortable temperature.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is extremely important. Without adequate amounts of it, people often experience difficulties functioning and stand at an increased risk of illness. Fortunately, however, by following certain practical suggestions, subjects increase their chances of obtaining the hours they need and avoiding any associated concerns.



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