October 21, 2022

When Michael Jordan changed basketball for baseball


When thinking about basketball, it is impossible not to think about Michael Jordan. He definitely is one of the best players ever in this discipline. The http://1xbet.com.zm/ bookmaker can be used to wager on great basketball players and teams from all over the world.


In addition to his incredible performances as a basketball player, there is another interesting aspect about his professional career. Specifically, Jordan shocked basketball fans when in 1993 he announced his retirement from the sport. Everything about basketball can be wagered by fans by going to the 1xBet bookmaker.


However, this retirement was not because of an injury or something similar. Instead, Jordan wanted to try his luck in another discipline: baseball.

Minor League Baseball

The father of Michael Jordan has always been a huge baseball fan. So was Jordan himself. For this reason, he decided to make a huge switch in his life when in 1993 he decided to play in the Minor League Baseball. Fans of this sport can make in-play wagers on its matches by going to 1xbet.com.zm/live – profitable live betting is available.

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The baseball teams where the basketball legend played were:


  • the Chicago White Sox;
  • the Birmingham Barons;
  • and the Scottsdale Scorpions.


The White Sox are one of the most important teams in the MLB. However, they also have a subsidiary team that competes in Minor League Baseball, which Jordan joined and played in during 1994. Punters can make profitable live betting on 1xBet on the best teams from all kinds of baseball championships.

Following the dreams of his father

As said before, Jordan’s father was a huge baseball fan. Before his death, he stated his wish that his son, Michael, would one day become an MLB star. Unfortunately, he never reached the MLB, however, his performances in the competitions where he played were not bad. Whenever great baseball events are taking place, don’t forget to go to 1xBet Zambia app download and install, and start wagering from your tablet and smartphone.

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Eventually, Michael Jordan’s brief baseball career ended by the end of 1994. By that time, he had discovered that his love for basketball had never disappeared, and he wanted to return to the sport that made him a legend. He eventually did that by early 1995, continuing his incredible career. It is possible to wager on the best basketball matches by downloading and installing the 1xBet Zambia app, which is totally free.


Following the dreams of his father, Minor League Baseball, when michael jordan changed basketball for baseball

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