August 18, 2021

What is laser marking machine and the application of laser marking machine in the automobile industry


In the automobile industry, the time period laser marking machine is a typical phrase. This factor is used vastly in the automobile industry. In the automobile industry, hundreds of sheets and piecesneed to chop, and the staff want one thing to try this stuff. That’s the place the laser marking machine comes. Some automobile industry particles are so small that ordinary humane can’t do thiscutting preciously.Laser reducing machinescan do that variety of jobs relaxed.

What is a laser marking machine?

A laser marking machine is a machine that works by beaming laser on the floor elements being manufactured. The laser is a high-tech factor, and it is now solely used in large automobile corporations laser marking machine work through the use of the lasers to warmth any floor. Then the lasers oxidize with the steel and the huge quantity of warmth cutes by means of the steel. If there is a necessity to chop any fiber,a fiber laser reducing machinecan effectively do the job.

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Application of laser marking machine in the automobile industry

Laser marking has a number of important use case in the automobile industry. Some of them are:

  1. Parts numbering for engine elements

Almost all the elements of the engine are made out of a complicated alloy of stell. This alloy of metal can face up to excessive temperature and stress in excessive circumstances. Nowadays, vehicles corporations use a QR code system to label all these elements. The engine serial quantity and different very important numbers should be current in the engine. This kind of smaller particulars might be difficult for a person to print. That’s why the laser marking machine do that variety of job. The engine quantity and bolt, bearings, and even nameplates need to be in the proper serial except difficult to search out the proper elements. Laser marking machines do that variety of job relaxed.

2.Circuit Board

A Circuit board is one of the sophisticated issues to supply. These silicon boards want exact perfection, or in any other case, it received’t work. The pc already has the design and instruction and the automated laser marking machine to make the circuit board. The machine soldered all the elements on the silicon board all this ensures the consistency of the product. Some of the works require greater than laser marking. In that case, the corporations use an ultrasonic welding machine.

  1. Fuse Boxes
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Both in the engine bay and the cabin often have a diagram printed over the fuse bins. The diagram helps the proprietor of the automotive to determine which fuse field matches the place. So the fuse bins need to be printed in order that the print will final for a few years. If the firm makes use of conventional ink, then the print received’t final for lengthy. That’s why automobile corporations use laster marking to make the mark everlasting. New fashionable services use the laser marking know-how to put in writing the guides in order that the print lasts till the automotive’s finish day.

  1. Instrument panel buttons

You will discover symbols printed straight on the button onto the instrument cluster of your automotive. This kind of printing can solely be potential with the assist of a laser marking machine. As printed by ink or paint, they’ll in all probability final for a few years with out worrying about them to fade away.

  1. Body frames and panels
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Making a automotive is not a simple activity. It takes lots of teams to afford to make a automotive potential. But it is not straightforward to determine all the elements of the car for all teams. So corporations use numbers to make them equivalent. But it is not potential to make use of ink to mark all the steel elements. That’s why corporations use laser marking know-how to make all the markings for all the automotive elements. Doing, so it turns into a lot simpler to assemble the automotive to a full kind. Also, all the work and all the stress make the printing consumption in the complete course of. So the laser marking know-how is the solely alternative for this type of markings.


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