March 24, 2022

Ways To Build High-Quality Do-follow Links In 2022

Guest Posting

If you are looking for building high-quality backlinks along with getting referral traffic, start with guest posting. Guest posting still works like charm in 2021, provided that you do it like a pro.

Guest post create a number of opportunities to get backlinks. You can include a link within the article, on the author bio or as a CTA.

If your guest post gets featured on a well-known industry website, then it will not only give you a link but will also help you in driving traffic.

How to find guest posting opportunities?

Use these keyword operators:





You can also build backlinks by starting your own podcast or by getting invited on someone else’s podcast within your niche.

That really works.

But according to me, you should start your own podcast as it will not only help you in building links but also increase brand awareness, marketing and more.

There are tons of free platforms available where you can start your own podcast by recording your content with the phone.

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Once your podcast gets popular, you can also start making money out of it by affiliate marketing, brand sponsors and more.

Here are the few podcast sites that will give you do-follow links:

  • Podbean.
  • TuneIn.
  • Anchorfm.
  • blubrry

Create and submit an event

I am sure you might have never heard of this technique ever. But it works like charm. And, I can bet you this is one of the most easiest ways to make “Contextual do-follow links”

On the internet, you can find some event creation and ticketing websites where you can create any event and promote it.

You need to find such sites, register on it and create an event and then publish it.

While creating an event, you’ll be required to enter event information like title, ticket price, location, contact number and the most important the description. This is where you’ll get an opportunity of creating a backlink.

While writing the description make sure to link any of your blog content with relevant anchor text.

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Create petitions (include image of petition title and other)

Just like online event creation sites, there are some sites where you can create petitions and start a campaign for good or any social cause. The good thing about such sites are that they are free to join and don’t charge any fees from you for creating a petition.

Once you have registered on such sites, you’ll be required to fill the title of the petition, for whom you are petitioning, what do you want to do from them and why your petition is important.

Make sure that your petition looks genuine and helpful to other or esle your ID will be blacklisted.

Forum signature links

Online forums are another great way to create do-follow contextual links. Benign said that: You need join a relevant and active industry forum related to your niche.

Also you need to keep in mind that you don’t spam or create irrelevant links. If you use forums strategically, then they can be goldmine of traffic as well as links.

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In fact, one of my content is soly ranking on Google just because of forum links.

Here’s what the forum signature link looks like:

Following are the things you need to keep in mind while creating forum links:

  • The forum has to be active.
  • There should be a good amount of traffic on the forum.
  • Do not spam.
  • Go light and easy

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is yet another proven technique to build backlinks in 2021. However, most the so-called SEO experts don’t know how to use it correctly to the fullest.

Today, I’ll teach you how to use this technique and get 100% results.

First, you need to decide for which content you need to make backlinks. Let’s say you need to create backlinks on one of your content titled “how to start a blog”.

Later on, you need to hunt a suppliment content that goes with your created blog post. For the above example content on “ how to make money online” will be a great supplement content because many people would have included blogging as one of the way to make money online.

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Now you need to create a list of 100 supplement content with titled “how to make money online”

Once you have done with it, reach out to all those site owners or authors and tell them you have created a detailed content on “how to start a blog” which goes with their content

Ask them if they would like to link to it.

In return, you can either share their content, bookmark it or link to it.



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