July 9, 2021

Water diet: how to follow it to lose 1kg per day


The water diet is a solution that promises to make the detoxifying and draining power of water work to the maximum.
Let’s see how it works together.

The principles of the water diet

None of us living beings (animals or plants) could survive without water and it is also beyond question that this is a rich and precious food: for mineral salts, for the benefits to muscles, bones, the whole organism and the intellect.
However, following the water diet this is considered as a super food that turns into the secret to losing tons of pounds.
It is even claimed that it is possible to lose 1kg per day with the water diet.

This bases its cardinal principles on the detoxifying, detox (ie eliminates-toxins) and draining power of water. To get the most out of this element, the dietician and hydrologist Nicola Sorrentino, creator of this diet, states that it is necessary at least to replenish lost fluids and salts: about 800 ml per day. So here is the eight glasses a day rule.

The eight glasses rule

Drinking water also has rules, and in this case the rule is to maintain a constant of 8 glasses a day distributed close to meals: fundamental for the purpose just written but also to satiate and thin the food ingested enough to metabolize it better. Sorrentino also speaks of water as a metabolic accelerator.
The basic rules for losing 1kg per day with the water diet include this type of intake:

  • breakfast: 2 glasses of water half an hour before breakfast;
  • snack and snack: 1 glass of water before the snack or snack;
  • lunch: 2 glasses of water before lunch
  • dinner: 2 glasses of water before dinner

The pyramid of hydration in the water diet

Just as the food pyramid exists, now with the water diet there is also the hydration pyramid and is used to easily keep in mind which are the most suitable choices for hydration: “obviously water is positioned at the first level. , at the second we find tea, infusions, herbal teas, barley and decaffeinated coffee; the third unsweetened milk of animal or vegetable origin; on the fourth there are non-100% fruit juices and non-alcoholic beer; on the fifth, espresso coffee; on the sixth, sports drinks, to be drunk only in case of intense physical activity; at the seventh and last level there are soft drinks, soft drinks (sweetened or not), energy drinks, to be drunk only occasionally.

Nutrition in the water diet

The power supply must certainly be controlled. As in any diet, there is no maximum freedom but the precautions that we all know. His diet is decidedly low-calorie, to the sound of a salad with 100 g of tuna and “1 sandwich”: ok that the water satisfies, even in this case we are faced with a very restrictive diet. Here’s what to eat:

  • carbohydrates (never avoid them), such as 1 sandwich of 50g for lunch;
  • legumes and lean proteins, such as 100 g of natural tuna;
  • vegetables better if raw and in season;
  • fruit as a snack or snack, or dried fruit;
  • almost no salt, almost no sugar

Japanese water diet

As in the previous case, the Japanese water diet is also not a diet in the strict sense: it is rather a series of good rules to follow if you want to lose weight and say goodbye to water retention.

What water to drink

Not all water is good: according to the original protocol of the Japanese water diet, in fact, the characteristics of the raw material are fundamental. The water must be fresh: not frozen because it could cause gastric disturbances but still quite cold.In addition to the temperature, the composition is also important: there must be no traces of fluoride or limestone. Water purified through the use of filter jugs as well as bottled mineral water will do.

How much water to drink when you wake up

Upon awakening, as soon as you get out of bed, you will need to drink 4 glasses of water, fasting and taking care to respect a few seconds of pause between one glass and another.
Being on an empty stomach, it is necessary to swallow very slowly so as not to stress the gastric and digestive system.
After the 4 glasses, the advice is to wait at least 45 minutes before having breakfast.

How much water to drink before a snack

Even before a snack, you must follow the water protocol to drink in advance. In short: for any solid food that you are going to swallow, you must drink first. If the main meals require 4 glasses to be consumed 45 minutes before, quantity and timing for snacks decrease significantly.
A single glass will be enough, to drink about a quarter of an hour before.

How much water to drink before main meals

As for lunch and dinner, you have to behave exactly like for breakfast: 4 glasses of water on an empty stomach.
Don’t forget to sip slowly, observing a pause between one glass and another. This is always three quarters of an hour before the meal.

Do not drink immediately after meals

The Japanese water diet gives guidance on how and how much to drink not only before eating but also after. It is forbidden to consume water for at least a couple of hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the thirst is unbearable, you can drink warm water in small sips. Doing so does not risk compromising the efficiency of the gastric and digestive processes.

What is the Japanese water diet for?

The Japanese water diet brings countless benefits. The reason must first of all be identified in its source: water in fact. Water promotes the functioning of the digestive system, counteracts intestinal peristalsis and consequently prevents abdominal swelling. The skin is also affected by the beneficial effects of water, making it more elastic and healthy when the water supply is optimal. Consuming water also has a purifying effect: it is the number one detox practice, especially if the water is consumed on an empty stomach. Furthermore, on an empty stomach, drinking water keeps the feeling of hunger under control and promotes the efficiency of the lymphatic system. Those with high blood pressure, gastritis and arthritis could also benefit from this good hydration practice.after consulting the attending physician in case of any ascertained pathology.

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