November 18, 2021

Using Yard Signs To Generate Business Leads


Using effective yard signs to advertise or promote a business isn’t a new technique. No matter where you do, you’ll notice promotional yard signs that are sharing information regarding some specific products and services. Companies use yard signs for multiple purposes. If used correctly, the eye-catching yard signs are capable of generating massive results for your business. Instead of using standard billboards that could cost you thousands of dollars, you will receive the same amount of results at comparatively lower costs.

Yard signs also showcase stigma that is effective to complement the billboard advertising method. When you are promoting your local business, yard signs will help you to deliver a realistic persona that will allow you to bring your brand image closer to the potential audiences.

Not to mention, yard signs will provide your business great return on investments and efforts. To make your investment worth the money, make sure you follow these 3 yard sign tips for your business.

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Keep the Design Simple

One of the most crucial parts of the yard signs is that they should be able to spread your brand message to the passers-by audiences who won’t slow down just to read your brand message. In other words, the design and message of your yard signs should be simple. Make sure you focus on spreading only one piece of information at a time. Don’t use too many words. If your brand image or logo is famous, including it will be more than enough.

Remember that the primary objective of the yard signs is to place your brand image on the customer’s mind. As per Feedough, a strong brand image can enhance the business-customer relationship. This way you can enhance the exposure of your products and services when your customers approach your business. Additionally, make sure the simple design isn’t boring.

Consider the Readability

Since most of the customers will be noticing your sign while driving or walking, they won’t have enough time to interpret the unreadable message. To capture their attention, use solid and contrasting colors. Make sure the color contrast is capable of separating your yard signs from the others. While determining the perfect color, don’t forget to consider the main color of the neighborhood.

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Another factor you need to consider is the text size. The faster your audiences drive, the harder it will be for them to read the texts. Make sure you choose the text size as per the speed limit of the road. This way you can showcase your message perfectly.

Additionally, don’t forget to pay attention to the fonts too. Instead of using fancy fonts, make sure you print the message using normal and readable fonts.

Spread the Yard Signs for Maximum Impact

One of the best things about yard signs is that they are extremely cost-effective. Unlike billboards and digital marketing methods, you need to pay a large sum of money to utilize the benefits of yard signs. This means that you can purchase multiple yard signs can spread them strategically. When you spread the promotional yard signs in various locations throughout your entire target market, you will be able to gain the attention of customers rapidly. However, make sure you’re not placing too many yard signs in one location. Overcrowding the neighborhood with yard signs will make them look bad. Instead, consider placing them in high-traffic areas.

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To increase the effectiveness and visibility of your yard signs, make sure you follow these 3 tips. This way you can make your yard signs stand apart from the crowd. If you need eye-catching yard signs, contact us today.



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