August 27, 2021

Use PDFBear’s Online Tools Unlock Your PDF Files


The ongoing health crisis prohibits you from performing at your best because it takes a toll on your mental health. But since you have bills to pay and family to support, you don’t have any other choice but to keep pushing through. You are probably on a work-from-home setup and the heavy workload stresses you even more.


You have the sudden realization that handling PDF files are more difficult than printed ones. If you own encrypted documents, you would want to remove their passwords because they sometimes cause inconveniences. To address this without exerting much effort and money, you may use PDFBear. It is an online platform committed to making everyone’s digital life more convenient and efficient. In this article, we will teach you how it can help you get your job done as fast as possible.

The Importance of Removing Password Restrictions on Your Files

Not all documents contain sensitive, confidential, and personal information so encrypting them is useless. If you have protected documents with contents that will not tarnish your reputation or affect your business operations, then the best thing to do is to remove their password using the unlock PDF tool of PDFBear. In this way, you can instantly open and view the content.

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Handling protected documents means not having the power to make the necessary changes. You can’t also share and print it without asking for permission from the creator. These scenarios will affect your productivity and will prevent you from accomplishing tasks faster. To get rid of all of these negative consequences of encrypting digital files, you have to unlock them as soon as possible.

How to Use PDFBear’s Unlock PDF Tool

If you are a new user of digital files, you will probably find it hard to remove the password of an encrypted document. Most likely, you already gave up after trying several complicated and expensive applications and software. You can perform your desired task in just a glance if you use the right tools. The ideal solution if you want the one with a user-friendly interface and free service is PDFBear. It is one of the most popular online tools today because of its great features and quick process. Continue reading to have an idea of how you can successfully use its unlock PDF tool

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1.   Search on Your Browser

The first thing you have to do is to search on the search box of any of your installed browsers. It can be Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. The choice depends on your preference but make sure to consider the browser’s security and reliability. Once you reach the website, click the unlock PDF tool located on the left panel.

2.   Upload the Encrypted PDF File

The select a file button will appear on your screen and once you click it, you can already transfer the encrypted PDF file from your device to the toolbox. A faster method to try if you are accessing it through your laptop or desktop is by using the drag and drop option. After this, a message will appear on your screen requiring you to input the password before you can proceed with the decryption process. There is no way that you can unlock it if you already forget the password. It is the way of the website to ensure that you are the owner or an authorized person to perform the task.

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3.   Press the Unlock PDF Button

After setting up the correct password, you can now press the unlock PDF button. The entire decryption process may take a minute or less if you have a high-speed internet connection. However, it may be longer than that if the file size is too large for the internet connection is poor. Nevertheless, it is still faster than other online tools, applications, and software.

4.   Choose From the Storing Options Provided by The Website

Once the unlock PDF tool completes the process, it will provide you with several storage options. You can save the newly decrypted document on your device if it still has a large available storage space. But you also have the choice to download it on your cloud-based storage including Google Drive and Dropbox. Having a copy of it is necessary for future reference especially if you don’t have an internet connection.

PDFBear is Safe to Use

Through the existence of technological advancements, people can do everything that they want including putting someone else’s safety at risk. but rest assured that accessing the website will not put you in a dangerous situation because it has several safety precautions in place. It implements an excellent customer privacy policy that makes it free from viruses, hackers, and malware. Your files will not be accessible to anyone without your permission.

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In Conclusion

Even though PDFBear has a lot of competitors, it is still the top online tool used by working adults because of its safe and fast decryption process. You can rely on it to be more productive than before. It will also save you from experiencing several breakdowns!


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