October 30, 2021

Travelling to Olympia Washington


Olympia, Washington, is a small place rich in history, culture, and art, situated on the sparkling waters of Puget Sound. Touring this capital city is an excellent trip for all, with family-friendly tourist spots, scrumptious dining, and comfy hotel selections.

Hiking Olympia WA

Some amazing hiking spots in Olympia, Washington are:

  • Lena Lake: The trail to Lena Lake Campground in the Olympic National Forest is a modest forward and backward one.
  • Mount Ellinor: In the Olympic National Forest, you would find a tough out-and-back trek to Mount Ellinor.
  • Lake of the Angels: This is a challenging one-way trail to Olympic National Park’s Lake of the Angels.
  • Gold Creek Trail: Green Mountain in Washington is accessible through this easy out-and-back trek. Gold Creek Trailhead is the starting point for this hike.
  • Garfield Nature Trail Park: Garfield Nature Trail Park is a great place for families to go hiking. Through the forests, there are stairwells and bridges.
  • McLane Creek Nature Trail: Visit the McLane Creek Nature Trail for a short hike with plenty of opportunities to see wildlife. Several birds flock to the pond in Spring, and the creek overflows with salmon in Fall.
  • Capital Peak Trail: The Capital Peak Trail in Capitol State Forest is a good choice for experienced hikers seeking a challenge. The round trip is nine miles long, with a 1,300-foot elevation increase. This track is accessible all year and is a favourite area for off-roading and equestrian riding.
  • Big Creek Loop: The Big Creek Circular path is a 4.5-mile loop trail that is open all year. This hike features a steady ascent, with a total elevation gain of 900 feet in two miles. If you wish to go to the junction of Big Creek and Branch Creek, there are various side trails at the top.
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Music in the Park Olympia

Grab your comforters and picnic baskets to Sylvester Park to have a meal while listening to the tunes of classical, jazz, blues, rock, Americana, and big bands.

Beginning July 3 and ending August 18 at 7 p.m., the Olympia Downtown Alliance normally hosts many summer concerts.

These concerts normally feature local and regional bands in downtown Olympia’s Sylvester Park and the Port Plaza.

Owing to the pandemic’s unpredictability and complication in preparation, the Olympia Downtown Alliance has had to cancel preparations for a summer concert series in 2021. However, they hope to revive this custom in 2022

If you wish to visit the United States for a vacation or a city trip, you require an ESTA visa. The application for this kind of document is required for British travellers.

An ESTA visa is a digital travel permit issued by the United States government, stating that the traveller is authorized to enter the nation. This type of travel authorization is essential if you wish to reside in the United States and if you are passing through. When submitting an ESTA visa application, the applicant must submit the contact information for a point of contact and the location of their initial overnight stay.

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It’s critical to include a first night’s stay. The ESTA visa’s chances are increased by demonstrating to the US government that the visit has been planned ahead of time and that an overnight stay has been planned for the first day. This does not imply that a traveller’s application will be automatically rejected if they do not plan an overnight stay. Fill in the blanks if you will be spending the night in the United States.

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Before you fly, a USA ESTA check for validity is important for your arrival in the United States. You risk being denied admission by border officials if you don’t have a valid ESTA when you arrive.

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Fun Free Things to do in Olympia WA

Some amazing places you could explore when in Olympia for free are:

  • Washington State Capitol Building: The historic campus around the capitol building is particularly worth visiting, as it contains numerous memorials, fountains, and gardens.
  • Olympia Farmers Market: Take a walk down the Percival Landing boardwalk to this well-known farmers’ market. When you arrive, make your way to the enormous pavilion lined with local fruit and goods.
  • Downtown Historic District: Go to the Downtown Historic District a few blocks North of the building to enjoy some fun time dining and window shopping in Olympia.
  • Capitol Lake: This freshwater lake does have a long and interesting history, which is still being written now. It adds to the campus’s visual attractiveness. Capitol Lake Park provides a vital community center with green meadows and a lovely walking route on the north end of the water.
  • Percival Landing: This charming public site is lined with a wooden boardwalk that serves as an excellent link between the Historic District and the Olympia Farmers Market. It provides a picturesque area to take in the seas that best describe the town.
  • Capitol Theatre: Live music, indie films, and an open gallery for local artists to exhibit their creations are among the Capitol Theater’s shifting programs today. In addition, the theatre has expanded to offer a variety of streaming choices for at-home viewing.
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