January 22, 2022

Top Bangle Bracelets You Can’t Get Enough Of


There’s something magical about bangle bracelets that instantly makes you feel more loved, powerful, and happy. These dainty little pieces are just one type of bracelet that helps women glam up yet subtly exude their stellar personality using the principle of minimalism. Be it the latest stone bangle designs or plan yet sophisticated bangle designs, every design is special in its own way and caters to a separate fan base.

If you love accessorizing yourself, you have to stack some of the latest bangle bracelets that are in vogue. And we haven’t disclosed the best part yet. The bangle bracelets curated by us feature a timeless design, ensuring they never go out of fashion. So if you’re in for some bangle bracelets that will never let you go wrong, take a quick look at the bracelet options shared below.

Hinged Crossover Bracelets

As the name suggests, this bracelet features a hinge setting for opening and closing the bracelet and is in a crossover design. If you like wearing bangle bracelets that look feminine, sparkly and are hand-polished to perfection, you should consider getting a hinged crossover diamond bracelet. What separates this bracelet from the rest is its delicate and intricate pave crystals setting. If you believe the concept of less is more, this bracelet will perfectly complement your personality.

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Cuff Bangle Bracelets

Want a more edgy look with your bracelet alone? If yes, cuff bangles can help you out. There are various types of cuff bangle bracelets available in the market. Some feature a plain top surface, while others have a quote etched. If you want a short message, affirmation, or a quote of your choice to get etched on the bracelet’s surface, you can easily place a request for customized cuff bangles. Cuffs are generally thicker than other bangle bracelets, so go ahead with it if you like to wear distinct and statement jewellery pieces.

Cable Cuff Bracelet

Another cuff bangle type is a cable cuff bangle bracelet known for its unique aesthetics. Made using two-toned metals, it creates an intriguing look that makes people stop and stare. If you want to elevate your ensemble, you should add a cable cuff. This bracelet also has a thicker surface than most bangle bracelets, giving it a pretty unique and attention-grabbing look. Generally, cable cuffs are made using sterling silver, giving a woman a much-needed break from their mainstream gold counterparts.

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Glider Bangle Bracelet

Contrary to the hinge bracelet, a glider bangle bracelet can be easily glided onto your hand instead of using a hinge-like opening to do so. This traditional yet classy curve bangle bracelet features modern edges, plain surface and comes with a peg closure to keep the bracelet intact onto your wrist. What makes these bangle bracelets hugely popular and in demand is their chic aesthetics. You can wear it as a layering accessory or flaunt it as a standalone jewellery piece. In both cases, it will elevate your overall appearance.

Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet

Love personalizing your accessory collection? If yes, the expandable wire bangle bracelet can be a great addition. As the name clearly suggests, this bracelet is made using a wire-like metal, which generally gives the bracelet its sleek look. The USP of this bracelet is you can make elements featuring your initials or favorite symbols dangle from the chain. If you already have enough mainstream bangle bracelets, this option can come across as a breath of fresh air.

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Now that you have a ready list of evergreen bangle bracelets, make sure you get them at the earliest. They are versatile and perfect for different occasions and outfits.


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