July 19, 2022

Top 3 Benefits of Using Mylar Packaging for Food Storage


With all the effort and expenses that go into preparing a great food product, it’s important to find a storage solution that keeps contents fresh and undamaged. Mylar packaging is an innovative way to store food and other consumable goods in sleek pouches, whether you prefer flat pouches or shelf-friendly stand up pouch packaging.

Food Products That Are Ideal for Mylar Packaging

Before we get into the benefits of mylar packaging, you may be wondering which food products are ideal for this solution. These products include:

  • Coffee
  • Frozen foods
  • Baked goods
  • Snack foods and candy
  • Health supplements
  • Pet food

All of these items have key properties that can be lost with subpar packaging. Mylar can help keep these fragile goods safe through their entire journey, from factory to store to pantry.

Low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)

Food spoils and degrades faster when it can react with oxygen. Since this element comprises 21% of the air around us, effective food storage means keeping air out. All packaging options undergo rigorous tests to see exactly how much oxygen can permeate the barrier over a given time. Even though a barrier such as a plastic film may appear to be protecting a piece of food, on the molecular level, it is still allowing oxygen through.

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Mylar packaging has a low OTR, which means it’s high-barrier: an industry term for a material that forms an especially effective wall between food and oxygen. There are no sneaky, invisible holes like those in an ordinary plastic bag. This keeps even delicate foods like chips fresh for long periods of time.

Thin, Flexible and Puncture Resistant

Weight is another crucial consideration when considering packaging options. Even a few grams of excess weight in your food packaging can greatly increase shipping costs. Mylar food packaging is one of the most lightweight options on the market because it is so thin.

Often, less weight comes with tradeoffs in flexibility and strength, but not so with custom mylar packaging. Mylar can bend to accommodate many different foods or supplements even through the rigors of shipping. Its molecular structure makes this substance resistant to punctures. More than being generally strong, puncture resistance means that even if a sharp edge bumps up against the packaging, it is not likely to break through.

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Child Safety Options

When packaging a vitamin supplement, pet treats or food products that contain cannabis, it’s vital to ensure children can’t accidentally ingest the product and come to harm.

Childproof caps on pill bottles are one example, but it’s not necessary to store supplements in a bulky bottle to keep the contents away from children. A supplement packaging company may use mylar bags with innovative childproofing features, such as multi-step press-and-seal zippers that require instructions to operate. The zipper won’t open unless pressure is applied to the marked areas.

In addition to its aesthetics, Mylar packaging has many benefits for food storage on a practical level. All materials are not equal when it comes to keeping goods safe and fresh.


Child Safety Options, Flexible and Puncture Resistant, Food Products That Are Ideal for Mylar Packaging, Low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR), Thin, top 3 benefits of using mylar packaging for food storage

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