December 9, 2021

The go-to accessory!


Sunglasses are the classiest and coolest accessory of men. Whether one is planning to spend their day at the beach or wants to enjoy sunset drinks at the bar, men’s sunglasses are the go-to option!


Well, sunglasses do something way beyond making one look cool and reduce glare. They block ultraviolet rays which may cause short or long-term eye damages. The perfect pair of sunglasses are the ones that protect the eyes from UV rays and also give a striking look. Polarization is an additional yet necessary feature to look for in sunglasses. It reduces glare from water, roads, etc.


Sunglasses look better if one chooses the correct shape and pattern according to their face cut. Below are some:


Sunglasses for a round face: Angular sunglasses add definition to the rounded jawline and delicate features. Deep colours will complement more, and gradient lenses help elongate the face. Caramel shades are more preferable. Wide temples and thick frames also suit the round face type.

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Sunglasses for a heart-shaped face: Thin, clear plastic or light metal sunglasses complement the broad forehead and tapered chin. Aviator or angular shapes defines the width of the chin. Light warm tone colours are more preferable.

Sunglasses for Square-shaped face: Circular or tear-drop style sunglasses soften the defined features of the face. Metal frames or black or block-coloured frames will complement the beginning more.

Sunglasses for an oval-shaped face: Square or tear-dropped lenses help tone down the long face shape. Aviators are more preferable with frames.


Trends to try for this season:

Round sunglasses: Round sunglasses are the classics and a must-have for this season! It would be preferable that one doesn’t go for too oversized sunglasses as they could look bad.

Geometric sunglasses: Guys with round faces have to hop onto the geometric glasses. It adds structure to the face’s features and steps one aside from the rest of the crowd. Picking the correct size in this design is crucial.

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Colourful sunglasses: Bright and poppy coloured sunglasses are a viral trend these days. It can seem like a risk factor for some, but it looks so cool if paired correctly! One can pair them with a loose t-shirt and cool shorts for a beach day or a wedding with the trousseau.

Aviator sunglasses: It is for those who want to be on the safe side and don’t want to experiment with one. It is one of the classic pieces.

90’s sunglasses: For all the millennials out there, the 90’s trend is back! The incredible street style 90’s sunglasses are seen rocking by so many celebrities on the gram these days. Get yourself one and get nostalgic!

Top bar sunglasses: It can be a bit tricky to find the pair of top bar sunglasses of one’s choice. But if one considers it, they are lucky enough. It looks very cool and out of the box if correctly chosen.

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Hitting the right mark of protection to one’s eyes from UV rays and rocking the season’s trend of men’s sunglasses can be a little complicated. Well, there is a solution to this. Carve is the best one-stop destination. It has the most extraordinary pieces to hit the right trend and a lens protecting one’s eyes from UV rays. Not only that, but it is also is sustainable. It is made from ocean-bound plastic and is entirely eco-friendly.

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