August 13, 2021

Specifications and Prices of Chaff Cutters in Kenya


Chaff cutter is trendy gear in farming that has made farm labor much less intensive and much less time-consuming. It is obtainable in the market at totally different costs. It might be guide or computerized. It is discovered in totally different sizes. This article focuses on the elements that have an effect on chaff cutter costs in Kenya.

Topic: 5 Factors That Affect Chaff Cutter Prices in Kenya

What is taken into account waste in one state of affairs is helpful in one other state of affairs. In a farm case, post-harvest waste can be utilized as animal feed. For occasion, chaff, and husks of corn are  good livestock feed.  Converting crop wastes to fodder wants the waste to be chopped into small items. Manually it’s a tough job however why not attempt utilizing a chaff cutter?

Chaff cutter is one of probably the most integral machines of trendy farming. It is used to chop straw, hay, and fodder into small palatable items. It makes the method easy and much less tiresome. The chaff cutter is discovered in the Kenyan market with a variety of costs relying in your wants. However, there are elements that affect its pricing and they’re;

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1. Manual or computerized

Chaff cutters accessible in the market might be both guide or computerized. The resolution of getting a guide or computerized chaff cutter relies on how a lot you may be utilizing the gear. It additionally is dependent upon your scale of farming. If you’re a small-scale farmer, utilizing a guide chaff cutter shall be acceptable.

If utilizing a guide chaff cutter, is somewhat labor-intensive, an computerized one shall be choice. The computerized chaff cutter will both have an electrical or diesel-powered engine. Diesel or electrical, they reduce the fodder effortlessly in a short while. The diesel chaff cutter is cellular whereas the electrical one needs to be plugged in sockets limiting its mobility.

The computerized chaff cutter will price extra because of the engine energy and output. Though a guide chaff cutter has excessive precision cutter blades, a forged iron physique that lasts longer than different chaff cutters, and its light-weight, its output is way much less in comparison with the automated chaff cutter.

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2. Output capability

Power and output are often correlated. The extra energy the upper the output. For reaching larger output capability, the chaff cutter needs to be related to an influence supply of excessive capability. The energy supply may very well be a motor or engine. The price of set up of these energy sources on the gear needs to be factored in the pricing of the machine.

3. Size of the chaff cutter.

The measurement of the chaff cutter straight influences its value. In Kenya, they are often discovered in totally different sizes. You can have a big, medium, or mini-size chaff cutter. The huge chaff cutters have the next energy output in comparison with the mini ones. Its value shall be larger than the small one.

4. Type of chaff cutter

Chaff cutters are produced in differing kinds relying on the farmers’ wants. The widespread sorts discovered in Kenya embrace; mini chaff cutter, chaff cutter pulverizer, and chaff cutter with a blower. They carry out the identical service however the output varies. The added capabilities on each of them like blowers and pulverizer will affect the general market value of the machine.

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5. Brand

Chaff cutters are produced by totally different firms. The manufacturers are totally different. The totally different manufacturers of chaff cutters can be found in the Kenyan market. The value of every varies from model to model. Though a model supplies a way of reliability and originality, it’s going to price you extra.

Chaff cutters have totally different specs which affect chaff cutter costs in Kenya. Being aware of these specs and variations will allow you to make an knowledgeable resolution on the acquisition.


1. Manual or computerized, 2. Output capability, 3. Size of the chaff cutter., 4. Type of chaff cutter, 5. Brand, specifications and prices of chaff cutters in kenya, Topic: 5 Factors That Affect Chaff Cutter Prices in Kenya

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