January 10, 2022

Romantic Adventures Provides Sex Toys For Your “First Time”


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wide range of sex toys available on the market. Moreover, you might find some of the devices quite intimidating, especially if you’re searching for your very first sex toy.


To make things a bit easier for you, Romantic Adventures Pearl has come up with a list of the best beginner-friendly options. These toys are excellent for those just dipping their toes into the beautiful world of playful experiments.


Soft Handcuffs


A excellent choice for users who are not ready for additional penetration.


Soft handcuffs are so much more gentle than hard metal ones. You can go for padded or cute furry handcuffs and use them on both hands or cuff your partner to the bed.


There are even adjustable handcuffs – with these, you’ll be able to regulate the ‘degree’ of restrain.


A Feather Tickler


Perhaps, one of the most accessible toys to use, is precisely why a feather tickler could have won the ‘beginner’s choice’ award.

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Simply let the feathers travel over your partner’s body to give pleasant tingles. Very soon, their body will become extra sensitive, and that’s when you can proceed to the next act.


Some feather ticklers feature a whip on the other end so that you can combine the soft touches with light taps or spanks.


Vibrating Panties


You might remember how the main characters used vibrating panties in the movie ‘The Ugly Truth.’ The best part about this toy is that it allows you to play… in public.


Of course, you might not want to take the game too far for various reasons, but having a pair on while you’re in the movies or dining out is a unique experience.


This sex toy usually comes as a set. You will be getting a pair of panties (which are sexy on their own), a vibrator, and a remote. To make the whole thing work, simply place the small vibrator into a special pocket and give the remote control to your partner.

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The customer can regulate the intensity of the vibrations. Moreover, your partner doesn’t have to be next to you to get the party started – some remotes can control the panties from up to 26 feet.


Tip: the effect will be even more intense if you let your partner surprise you and turn the vibrator on whenever he feels like it.


A Rabbit Vibrator


Such a vibrator has a few excellent benefits, making it perfect for anyone (including beginners).

  • The shape of the vibrator allows it to please all the right spots – the rabbit stimulates your clitoris and penetrates at the same time.
  • These devices come in a wide range of colors and sizes. They look adorable, making rabbit vibrators a good choice for the experimentalists who are not drawn to realistically shaped toys.
  • The majority of toys have plenty of different settings, so you’ll have a lot of fun while exploring all of them. By the way, you might want to go for a waterproof option to enjoy the little guy in the tub or shower.
  • Finally, you can choose to use this toy alone or with your partner.
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A Vibrating Cock Ring


A lovely ‘starter’ for the boys – a vibrating cock ring that can vary in intensity. The toy is also great for couples’ play as both lovers would be able to enjoy the ring’s stimulation.

Romantic Adventures Jackson MS features plenty of options for you to choose from.


The toys come in dozens of designs with variable speeds and functions. Some devices are completely waterproof and feature fascinating LED lights.


Make sure to put the ring on the penis before it’s completely erected. The sex toy will soon make the penis even harder than usual and help the erection last longer.


A Bullet Vibrator


The best thing about bullet vibrators? These guys are tiny! They can fit in your purse or even pocket.


Another fantastic bonus is that such sex toys are very quiet or completely silent.


Those who are only getting their sex toy journey started might be especially worried that someone will hear their new device. With a bullet vibrator, no one will know that you have one (by the way, it’s a beautiful toy for those who live with roommates).

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The tiny warriors can make you orgasm anytime and anywhere, and the price of such devices is another thing that will pleasantly surprise you.


A Realistic Dildo


Some first-timers want to find a sex toy that won’t remind them of any body parts at all, while others are willing to go for a device that looks exactly like the real thing.


Realistic dildos come in various colors and sizes (you might want to get a mini cock or a normal-sized one to start with). You can also choose one with a suction cup – this addition makes it easy to use the dildo in any scenario.


With Romantic Adventures Pearl, you’ll even get to pick a straight boy or one with a curve.


Hint: the curved dildos might become a great starter toy for those who want to give anal sex a try.


Final Thoughts


These seven best sex toys for those experimenting for the first time were curated by Romantic Adventures.

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The basic rules are pretty simple:

  • If your toy has different intensity levels, start with the lowest setting.
  • Use lubricant if you need to.
  • Talk to your partner beforehand about what you find acceptable and want you are not a fan of.
  • Get your sex toys only from reliable stores that use safe materials.
  • And last but not least, have a lot of fun!



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