January 3, 2022

Romantic Adventures Helps to Shake Up Your Sex Life This Valentine’s Day


Are you looking to spice up your sex life this Valentine’s Day? Sure you are; everyone is looking for new romantic adventures to enhance your bedroom rendezvous and keep the excitement alive.


Lucky for you, there are numerous products available today that are specifically designed to make every time feel like the best time. If you want to provide your partner with an excellent Valentine’s Day they will never forget, here is a list of romantic adventure products to try that will put you in the mood and keep you there.


Best Sex Toys for an Exciting Valentines Day Date


No matter what you are into, Romantic Adventures has the best toys and tools to get you going. Whether you like to dress up and act out, add a slight vibration, or practice restraint, there is something for you!




If you are into fetish fantasy play, there are a variety of metal handcuffs to get the party started. If you prefer to keep things sensual and soft, you can use soft pink love cuffs. Either way, there is something here for anyone looking to bind their partner’s hand or feet to induce the most pleasure possible as an unforgettable Valentine’s Day delight.

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Lubricants and Lotions


Lick and slip your way to ecstasy with the delicious flavors of edible lubricants from natural fresh strawberry to nasty nectarine and everything in between. Let your mouth tell your Valentine what you are thinking without ever saying a word.


Not interested in edibles? No problem, you can also find a wide variety of anal gels, water-based lube, desensitizing cream, and so much more.


Other options for a moist and climatic enhancing night are lotions and oils made to increase your experience. Try options like Earthly Body Massage Lotions for sensual full-body massages, candles for erotic wax play, or kama sutra massage oils for exhilarating foreplay.




Vibrators can bring some much wanted extra attention and bring Romantic Adventures to your most sensitive parts. This Valentines Day introduces your love to some sensations they wish they experienced sooner.


Take her pleasure up a notch by adding any vibrator to the party. With multi-stimulating settings on these types of toys, you can keep the fun going for hours. Some also connect to an app through wifi, allowing couples to personalize their favorite vibes or come in pocket-sized packaging, making them easy to take anywhere.

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Who says women should have all the fun? Get your guy a vibrating cock ring for Valentine’s Day to increase his erection and let him last longer, giving you both overwhelming pleasure that will last for hours.


You shouldn’t settle for simple unless you’re new to implementing toys into your sex life. This holiday, keep things fun with multi-staged, pierced tongue or super extreme scorpion cock rings.




Valentines Day is a great time to act on your most erotic fantasies. Dress up in a racecar romper to speed up his excitement, or as a naughty nurse and give your partner the most intense check-up of his life.


Roleplay is a popular way to amplify your sex life, whether you are already edgy or interested in trying something new. Find a sexy costume and give your special someone the best surprise ever.


Swings, Slings, and Pillows


What is more exciting than dressing up? Adding some props, of course. This year, give your Valentine something they would never expect and spice up the relationship with a whole new level of steamy fun.

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Explore positions you never dreamed possible with a slew of tools like swings and slings that can suspend you up or hold you down, putting you exactly where your partner wants you.


4 Tips For Making the Most this Valentine’s Day with Romantic Adventures Jackson MS


Adding new toys into the bedroom is a fantastic way to increase the excitement, but combining these products with other ideas will really kick things up a notch.


1. Get a Little Kinky


After purchasing some sexy costumes, introduce a little light spanking into the mix. You can let your partner spank you with their hand or buy a pink tickler, whip, or paddle and get to work.


2. Play a Game


Give your partner a sex game for Valentine’s Day this year to keep you both entertained all night long. Choose from bedroom command games, naughty dice, or the 50 positions of bondage card game to show your boo just how much you are into them.

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3. Take the Lead


Sometimes, there is nothing more arousing than being controlled sexually by your mate. A great way to spend V-day with someone you love and trust is by taking control and making them submissive. You can either do this with a basic hand holding restraint or using bondage tools available in stores.


4. Get a room


Many couples take advantage of Valentine’s Day by renting a hotel room to share, giving them the privacy they need and want. This provides the perfect space to utilize the new toys and tools you purchased to make your day the best day ever spent together.


Final Thoughts


While no one needs to add toys to their sex life to make it memorable, and it is a great way to spice up time spent under the covers and can make the most memorable Valentine’s Day gift you could ever give to your partner.

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Take a peek at products available from Romantic Adventures and see what items they have that might really rev you up.


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