September 21, 2022

Pro-tips to Keep Your Home Free from Pest Infestation in the Springtime


Springtime has weather that is hot and dry. To save themselves from the weather conditions, pests will start looking for a comfortable home for themselves, and your house looks like a good idea for them. You can take precautions to keep them out of your home and sight by adopting some cleaning habits and doing minor repair work in your house. Some precautions that will help you keep the pests out of your home are listed by Cedar Park, TX pest control


It’s one of the worst decisions to even consider managing a pest control issue on your own. Say, for example, if you think that your house has some creepy feeling about it, will you ever dare to do an exorcism of your own? No. You will be consulting an expert exorcist to do the necessary procedures to get rid of the anomalies there. Such is the case with pest infestation too. Consider it as a lifetime nuisance if not treated timely and effectively.

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Residents of humid places like Alamo Heights and whose homes are having much proximity to the woods should never be complacent in consulting a pest control company to manage this high-priority situation they are facing in life.


Get Clutter-free


Pests can hide in cluttered places like cupboards, piles of documents, store rooms, etc. Declutter your house to easily get a sight of the pest. A cluttered surrounding might hide away the pests, and they will only be visible when they have largely multiplied.


Attics and Basements


Pests love foul-smelling places like your attics and basements. It is suggested, at the beginning of each season, that you run a deep cleaning in these areas. Dusting and spraying the places with vinegar, baking soda, and water solutions, letting in sunlight (if options available), and sparing the areas with essential oils and water solutions will keep the pests at bay.


Have a Look in the Garage


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Garages have a wide entrance, and that allows rodents to enter your house easily. Make sure that you don’t keep the garage doors open for a long time. Once in a while, you can clean the garage that will destroy the hide-away places.


Dispose of Standing Water

Kiddie pools, buckets, plant pots, and anything that can hold water without letting it pass should be checked. Standing water equals a breeding ground for pests. Some pests lay eggs in the standing water. Also, have a look at any leaks, and seal them to barricade the entrance of the pests.


Seal Gaps and Cracks


Check for any cracks and gaps in your house and immediately seal them, or they will be an entryway for the pests. You can also use nets to seal the windows and use screen doors to keep flies away.




Taking precautions indoors might not always be 100% useful if you have dirty outdoors. Rake your lawns, cut and trim the grasses and plants, and remove plant derbies to keep them away outdoors too. In case you are unable to prevent their entry, contact a professional pest control service.

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