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Paan Singh Tomar Wiki, Age, Death, Wife, Children, Family, Biography, etc


Paan Singh Tomar Wiki, Age, Death, Wife, Children, Family, Biography, etc – WikiBio

Pan Singh Tomar

Paan Singh Tomar was an athlete and soldier in the Indian Army who later became Baaghi (Rebel). Police records may refer to him as “Daaku,” “Farar,” or “Baaghi,” but lesser known is his sporting feats, record and extraordinary accomplishments as an athlete. In 2012, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan resurrected him in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s film of the same name “Paan Singh Tomar”. The seven-time national obstacle course champion achieved celebrity status in the country after representing India at the 1958 Asian Games in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, Panzinger was a bona fide champion athlete and a national athlete during the competitive 1950s and 1960s. Penzinger’s life has gone from the king of the track to the ruler of the canyon.


Like a mythical demigod emerging from a scarred land with his enormous endurance and obstacle course jumps, Bhidosa’s Subedar Paan Singh Tomar lives in Chambal, his strange legend as a champion athlete and a terrifying killer in the same lifetime refuse to sleep. ” – a ballad often recited by Madhya Pradesh Bhind


Panzinger Tomar was born on Friday 1 January 1932 (Age 49; at the time of death) is located in the small village of Bhidosa near Porsa City, Tonwarghar District, Gwalior North Gwalior Province, Gwalior State, British Indian Empire (now Morena District, Madhya Pradesh, India). He grew up near the Chambal Canyon in Morena, where it was no big deal. For example, when a judge once asked Laxman Dixit (aka Chambal dacoit) how many people he had killed during his 14-year career, Dixit replied—

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आपको याद रहता है आप महीने में कितनी चपाती खाते ह

Pancintomar Village

Pancintomar Village

Pansingh went on to serve the Indian Army as a submarine and eventually became a traitor.


Height (approximately): 6′ 1″

family and caste

Paan Singh Tomar belongs to the Kshatriya family of Morena.

parents and siblings

Paan Singh Tomar’s father is Eashwari Singh Tomar. Paan Singh’s grandfather had two wives – the first bore Eashwari Singh and the second bore Dayaram (Paan Singh’s uncle). Dayaram has five sons, including Havaldar, Babbu and Jandel (cousins ​​of Paan Singh), and nearly a dozen grandchildren. Paan Singh has an older brother, Maatadeen, who is the black sheep of the family.

Panzinger Tomar with his mother, wife and children

Panzinger Tomar with his mother, wife and children

Relationships, Wife and Children

Paan Singh is married to Indira Singh Tomar and has six children – two boys, Hanumant Singh and Souram Singh Tomar, and four girls.

Pan Singh Tomar's wife Indira Singh

Pan Singh Tomar’s wife Indira Singh

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Attakali is one of Pensinger’s daughters. Both of his sons served in the Indian Army. Hanumant Singh was the provocative son of Paan Singh, who died in a traffic accident in 1985; four years after Pan Singh’s death. Pan Singh’s youngest son, Souram Singh Tomar (born 1959), a retired Indian Army subedar (captain), lives with his mother and children in Babina, near Jhansi. According to reports, Paan Singh was having an affair with a woman he often secretly visited in her husband’s absence, and Paan Singh was beaten to death by police in the village.



Pan Singh serves as a Warrant Officer (Warrant Officer) in the Roorki Bengal Engineers Corps in the Indian Army. Due to his excellent running ability, he was assigned to the sports team of the Indian Army, where he won the championships on both the national and international platforms in the obstacle course. In 1977, he retired early and returned to his village, where he became a Baji.

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Paan Singh Tomar in his army era

Paan Singh Tomar in his army era


Paan Singh’s participation in sports was reportedly the result of a quarrel with Roorkee’s Bengal Engineers Instructor. According to legend, the instructor ordered him to run several laps on the parade ground. Pan Xin was in the process of running, and his extraordinary running ability attracted the attention of the officers. Impressed by Panzinger’s athletic skills, they transferred him to the Army’s sports teams and put him on a special diet. He has since gone on to become a seven-time national champion in the obstacle course and even represented India at the 1958 Tokyo Asian Games. Pensinger was not incorporated into the combat fleet for the 1962 Sino-Indian War and the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War; because of his athletic career. He set a national record in the 3000-meter steeplechase with a time of 9:2; the record was never broken for the next decade. His 2,000 steps (compared to 2,500) in the challenging 3,000-meter run remain the benchmark in Indian slalom. His sports career ended in 1972.

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Rare photo of Paan Singh Tomar

Rare photo of Paan Singh Tomar

Great runners who never reach the finish line

Paan Singh has been running, running, running all his life. Whether it is the track and field, the Asian Games, or the canyon of Chambal. In fact, running is in his genes, and he often visits his village by running. Coaches still swear by Paan Singh Tomar’s rhythmic running style, where he effortlessly traverses obstacles and water obstacles in one fluid movement. During their tenure in the Ruhr Group, new recruits often received morning messages—

जागो, जागो पान सिंह साहब तो सहारनपुर से दौड़ऀ ए

Talking about Paan Singh’s running philosophy, his son Souram Singh said: “When I was little, after his evening practice, Pitaji and I would sit on the banks of the canal in Roorkee and chat. I would ask him, ‘How did you run? Saans nahin poolti? He will answer,

Although Penzinger was an excellent runner and a seven-time national champion in the obstacle course, he could never cross the finish line in the race of his life the way he wanted.

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Land Dispute: Making Baaghi

The reason why Paan Singh became Baaghi is a 2.5 acre piece of land next to the village stream, a piece of land owned by his older brother Maatadeen, who is a cannabis lover in the sum of Rs. 3,000; because he desperately needs the money. When Pan Singh Tomar returned to his hometown; after his early retirement from the Indian Army, his cousins ​​Jandel Singh, Hawalda Singh and Babu Singh Tomar became powerful the landlord. Sahab Singh, childhood friend of Paan Singh Tomar, once said that Paan Singh’s cousin –

बहुमत उनका था, चलती इनकी थी।”

When Pansin wanted them to return his land to him, a feud began between them. To settle the dispute, the village started a Panchayat, hosted by Morena’s district collector, who asked Paan Singh to give Rs. 3000 to Babbu Singh to reclaim his land. However, later Panchayat overturned Paan Singh’s claim to reclaim the land in rupees. 3000. It is said that after his pleas for help were ignored by the panchayat and the local police, Paan Singh was never found again by the police; opting to become the outlaw instead, the canyon. On March 16, 1979, when Hanumant (Paan Singh’s son) was urinating in the field, Jandel’s brothers and cousins ​​beat him. The instigator Hanumant returned home, seized 12 holes in the family, and began to take revenge, shooting a man named Jagannath in agony. On March 17, 1979, Panzinger, sensing a new threat, decided to flee with his men. Leave behind all the harvested Sarson, Arhar and Bajra, cattle, even women. A few days later, Bab Singh and his men stormed Pan Singh’s home and attacked his 95-year-old mother, who was alone at the time. When Panshin returned home, his mother told him that if he was her son in the truest sense of the word, he should avenge her disgrace by the next morning. Enraged, Pansinger vowed revenge, and a few months later, Pansinger shot and killed three of his cousins ​​- Havaldar, Jandel Singh and Bab Singh. Describing the incident, Jandel Singh and Birender Singh Tomar, son of Sarpanch, Bhidosa village, said,

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My father, Jandel Singh, is tending his fields with a tractor. Penzinger fired four bullets at him. He is using one. 303, probably stolen from the police. Less than an hour later, he was shot while his brother Havaldar Singh was with his bull in a nearby field. This time with a. 315. Penzinger did not give us time.

According to sources, Pensinger chased and shot down Babsinger. Speaking about the incident, Paan Singh Tomar’s son Souram said,

Pitaji caught Babbu in the neighbouring village of Lohri Ka Pura after chasing him for nearly a few kilometers. He easily surpassed him. “

However, Birender Singh (son of Jandel Singh and nephew of Paan Singh) had a different take on Babu’s killing, adding,

बब्बू को दौड़ाकर गोली मारी पान सिंह ने, पीछे बब्बू निहत्था था.

self-proclaimed Baji

After killing Bab Singh, Pan Singh declared himself a Bhaji, and the canyon of Chambal became the center of his operations. He started kidnapping influential people for ransom. Legend has it that Pensinger often signed his ransom notes—

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दस्युराज पान सिंह तोमर, चंबल का शेर”

Whoever came, Pan Xin killed him. When the police offered him to turn himself in, according to a close aide to Penzinger, Pensinger denied it and said:

थाने में हाज़िर नहीं. गाँव में नहीं रह सकते. अब तो मरना और मारना है “

Dacoit or Badge?

There is a popular dialogue in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s film of the same name, Paan Singh Tomar (2012), in which Irrfan Khan says:

Irrfan Khan as Paan Singh Tomar

Irrfan Khan as Paan Singh Tomar

However, Paan Singh Tomar was recorded in police records as a gangster. For retired police officer Mahendra Pratap Singh Chauhan, who fired the fatal bullet that ultimately killed Paan Singh Tomar in a police encounter in 1981, Paan Singh was just another criminal, and more properly a dacoit. After the film was released, when asked if he wanted to go to the theater, he said,

It’s a movie about a criminal, and I believe it glorifies a killer. Why should I go to the cinema to see a movie like this? ” he asks…

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