September 27, 2022

Men’s Fashion Basics – What’s The Difference Between Khakis And Chinos?


Khakis and chinos are both comfortable menswear basics, but they differ slightly in style. Khakis are more tailored, while chinos are more casual. Stretch chinos are more comfortable. Khakis are best for formal occasions, while chinos are more casual.


Dress Khakis Up

One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe is the pair of khaki pants. They are an easy way to dress up or dress down for any occasion. They’re also incredibly practical – most people have at least one pair of khaki pants in their closet. If you don’t know how to dress khakis up, here are some tips.


When dressing up khakis, you can try mixing and matching them with a variety of colors and textures. For example, men’s slim khaki jeans look great with a brightly colored dress shirt and leather jacket. You can also pair them with loafers or wingtips. You can even wear them as a khaki suit.

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Dress Khakis Down

There are a few different ways to dress khakis down. One popular way is by rolling the cuffs. This look has become very fashionable over the past few years. It’s particularly common among men who wear sockless shoes or who want to show off their shoes. Just make sure that you don’t roll them up too far.


The other way is to wear a button-down shirt. While a classic white dress shirt is the classic choice, other colors and patterns also look great with khakis. For a more casual look, you could wear a chambray button-down shirt.


Stretch Chinos Are More Comfortable

Stretch chinos are a popular alternative to traditional non-stretch chinos. These pants are made of the same cotton-based chino cloth, but contain a small amount of lycra. This combination creates a more breathable and comfortable fabric than traditional chinos.


These pants have an elastic waistband, which allows them to stretch and move with you. They also look more sleek and modern. They are also less restrictive and are more comfortable than traditional khakis. These pants are a great alternative to jeans for men who don’t like to be constricted.

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The main difference between stretch chinos and khakis is their cut. Chinos are cut closer and are more fitted, while khakis are cut wider. This makes them more appropriate for business settings and day trips, while khakis are more suitable for casual settings. Stretch chinos are a great alternative to jeans for men and women who want more comfort than khakis.


Khakis Are For Formal Occasions

Khakis are a versatile option for formal occasions, making them an excellent choice for both work and social gatherings. They can be dressed up or down with a blazer, sports coat, or polo shirt. A contrasting color tie adds a touch of formality. Khakis are also appropriate for casual events when paired with a leather belt, leather shoes, or loafers.


When wearing khakis, be sure to choose the correct length. The length should skim the top of your shoes, with a few inches of hem hanging over the shoe. Avoid wearing cuffed khakis, as this will cause the khakis to bunch up around the ankle.

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Khakis Are More Durable

Khakis are more durable than chinos, which make them an excellent option for outdoor activities. They are also made of a more durable twill fabric. This means that they’ll last longer, and they’re more comfortable as well. They pair well with casual tops, like t-shirts or fitted sweaters. Khakis also come in earthy tones, which pair well with plaid or other colorful patterns.


Khakis and jeans are also available in stretch fabric, which makes them more comfortable and gives them more elasticity. When worn, the material will stretch with you, without damaging the pants. This makes it much easier to wear the pants in different situations, whether at work or on a movie date night.



Khakis and chinos are two different types of pants. Khakis are thicker, and harder-wearing, while chinos are lighter, more flexible fabric. Both styles are suitable for wearing with a button-up shirt.

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