August 13, 2021

LIDA woodworking machine and their prices in Kenya


A woodworking machine is designed to course of wooden. There are handbook and power-drivenwoodworking machines, with the latter being desiredowing tothe excessive effectivity attained. A woodwork crafts employee usesthese machines commercially to supply timber merchandise.

An occasion of this machine is the LIDA woodworking machine presently out there in Kenya. The trendy deviceis awidely heldbrand of multipurpose woodworking machines, which canperform severalfunctions. For occasion, lathe woodwork, sawing, grinding wooden, drilling, and so forth.

The value of a LIDA woodworking machine value in Kenya ranges between Kshs. 60,000/= and Kshs. 150,000/=. Pricing is dependent upon the performance and specs of the machine.

Types of woodworking instruments

The quite a few forms of woodworking toolsexisting in the market are categorized as follows;

  • Handheld energy instruments corresponding to electrical drills, handheld electrical planes, jig saws, and nail weapons. An artisan strikes thedeviceover the workpiece.
  • Stationary machines like desk saws and wooden lathe.An artisan strikes theworkpiece over the machine.
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Generally, multipurpose woodworking machines are electrically powered. They have highly effective motors that drive a whole workstation tocarry out the assorted capabilities with ease. Artisans ought to take into account the next elements when on the lookout for a woodworking machine in Kenya;

  • Cost: inexpensive prices
  • energy consumption
  • reliability and efficacy
  • guarantee

Specifications of the LIDA woodworking machine

It is without doubt one of the well-designed equipmentoffered in the market.

  • Thevalued woodworking machine permits an artisan to carry out floor planing, tenon reducing, mortising timber, sawing, rabbeting wooden, sharpen, routing, and thicknesstimber.
  • One can discover a LIDA woodworking machinein Kenya that performs 5 capabilities (5-in-1), one which performs eight capabilities (8-in-1), and one which performs 11 capabilities (11-in-1).
  • The machine has a desk constructed from strong forged iron. It provides stability even when working with giant and heavy timber. The forged iron has a easy ending permitting you to realize precision when working.
  • The LIDA woodworking machine is straightforward to make use of. The tunings are simple to regulate. Also, there are clear hatch marks on every system for simple dimensions.
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Benefits and drawbacks of LIDA woodworking machines

LIDA is a widely known woodworking machine model in the lumber trade for the reason that machines are of excellent high quality and attainable at inexpensive prices in Kenya.

Advantages of incorporating the LIDO woodworking machine in a enterprise embody;

  • It is flexible subsequently offers highefficacyat work.
  • Theinnovative design of the machine warrants that prime energy utilization is minimized. The motor is made with extra copper thus you get extra energy provide in a small package deal.
  • It is sturdy thus you need to use it for a protracted timebeforepurchasing a brand new one.
  • It is cost-effective: requires minimal repairs; lowers operating prices.

Disadvantages of getting the LIDO woodworking machine in a enterprise;

  • It occupies more room than handheld instruments.
  • It causes noise air pollution.
  • It produces numerous dustto convey aboutair air pollution.
  • Handle the gadget with warning as a result of it ishazardous.

Obtaining a woodworking machine is a major funding for a craftsperson. If you might be on the lookout for an appropriate woodworking machine in Kenya with the best return on funding, kindly take into account the LIDA woodworking machine. This machine can carry out rather a lot offunctions executed by numerous hand energy instruments in a workshop.

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