June 8, 2022

Find A Licensed Casino With These Tips


Portuguese players enjoy betting, this is no surprise. Our in-house gambling expert, Victoria Oliveira states that “Os jogadores precisam de estar conscientes de como encontrar e jogar em casinos online legais em portugal”. You can also check out her other works regarding the Portuguese digital revolution to get a comprehensive picture of the current situation.

In this article, we will learn why licenses are necessary and what makes a great casino. Before delving into what constitutes a great Portuguese online casino, it’s worth considering the numerous benefits that Portuguese players have when playing online.

Advantages Of Licensed Casinos

Portuguese players can play at online casinos in Portugal and abroad. There is no compelling reason to play in a foreign domain when several well-known global sites already operate legally under a Portuguese license. Casinos in Portugal are recognized for their generous customer rewards.


Portuguese players can play at legalised online gambling sites that are regulated by the government.  Playing at a Portuguese-regulated online casino is safe and secure.

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Portuguese betting sites are required by law to withhold any duties. These taxes don’t apply to sports bets or casino gains, only lottery wins. This way, you won’t have to worry about paying taxes because the site will do it for you.

Other Gambling Options

Many people in Portugal enjoy betting on sports and playing casino games. They also enjoy playing casino games. Betting providers should be able to offer both sports betting and casino games under the same roof and account. Playing at a large licensed Portuguese casino almost guarantees this capability.

Local Options

Aside from playing at a Portuguese-licensed casino, there are other benefits. You can start by playing games in Portuguese. Portuguese-speaking support agents should also be available when you require customer service. Payments in euro and Portugal-friendly payment methods will be accessible. Of course, the best online casinos in Portugal provide several promotions and incentives.

As previously stated, Portuguese bettors have numerous possibilities for placing wagers online. They will not be fined for playing in foreign or offshore casinos. Several of the best online casinos in Portugal are registered and regulated in the country.

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Why Double-Check a Casino’s License?

Always examine a casino’s licensing and policies before joining. Casino games require a lot of money and personal information, so be cautious when signing up. Several illegal casinos use customers’ credentials to steal money or identities. Logically, losing client data might harm their reputation. Alternatively, you may trust a regulated casino with an SSL encrypted website to protect your financial and personal data.

Governmental Casino Regulators

  • Singapore is one of several nations that grant licenses based on various factors. No matter how the review is conducted, these sites are reliable and easy to use because they have been licensed.
  • The UK is a trusted nation for online casino regulation. The licensing status of each platform is disclosed online. On their website, you can check the license number for validity. This license gives all the information essential to make an informed decision, including complaints against casinos. Look for UK-licensed casinos to locate the best.
  • Malta permits are only awarded following extensive document checks and verification. As a result, this license is the second most trusted in the world. A casino’s Malta license assures your funds and personal data are safe. Gamblers facing issues with a Malta licensed Casino can submit a complaint to the Maltese Authorities.
  • The Gibraltar Licensing Authority has been granting casino licenses for many years and is widely trusted. Until now, they’ve had no issues with the corporations who licensed their software. Players must check the license’s legitimacy on the Gibraltar Licensing Authority website.
  • Curacao is a popular licensing authority for online casinos. They are low-cost and easy to use for casinos. The Curacao licensing authority does not provide information on regulated casinos. Any complaints or information about the license must be made to an appropriate authority.
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Spotting A Legit License

Check for a legal casino using these simple methods:

  • Look for a gambling commission logo at the site’s footer. If you see that a casino lacks a license because there is no logo on the site, you should quickly find an alternative option.
  • Click on the company’s logo to verify its credibility. Proceed to the licensing commission’s website. If the logo doesn’t link to the authority’s website, it’s probably a fake.
  • Check the license’s validity on the licensing authority’s website. Check the licensing authority’s website for complaints against the casino. Look for the license before registering.

Where To Find Licensed Casinos in Portugal

You can find reliable licensed casinos online on Portugal’s official Government gambling website as well as here! We have not only compiled a list of casinos but also added expert reviews for your benefit. This way you can filter out the sites you may find an aversion to. What’s left is for you to explore and gamble wisely!

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