April 11, 2022

Features of email marketing  


Though face-to-face conversations are highly productive and more efficient, it is quite impossible to meet each of your customers.

Howbeit, with email marketing, you could reach out to every prospect with highly personalized message, offering your customers an experience that is like when you meet them directly.

In this article we will discuss the features of email marketing.

Before that here is a tip for you to build an email list.


How to find emails? 

You can use GetEmail.io, an email lookup tool to find emails. For those looking for building email list, this is an effective approach.

It uses advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and big data. Therefore, you can be assured of the accuracy rate.


Mobile Optimization 

As you know, everyone now accesses their email using mobile phones. Irrespective of where they are, what they do, people are now able to check their emails more easily.

Now you need to see if your emails are optimized for these smaller screens.

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If you fail to optimize your email campaigns for mobile devices, it will have a negative impact on sales and may have an adverse impact on your outreach.

Many businesses now use email marketing platforms which thankfully optimize emails for various screens automatically.

This is an important feature, that allows your prospects to instantly view emails on devices such as tablets and smartphones.


Third-party integrations 

Choose an email marketing platform that fits into your tech stack. You need to first look at the software you use at your organization and then you will understand the integration you must look for.

With third party integrations, you can carry out audience segmentation, targeting the right audience, etc.

And without third-party integration, you will have to spend a lot of time performing the same tasks.


Marketing automation 

As a start up, you may find it hard investing in automation tools. But, without automating the process, you are missing the opportunity to run a more meaningful campaign and quick growth.

By incorporating email marketing automation, you can be able to set up automated welcome emails, payment confirmation emails, cart abandonment reminder emails, get campaign performance insights etc.

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With an automated system, you can save more time and spend on other areas of your business.


Unlimited plan  

Email marketing service providers have a restriction on the number of messages. This will limit the growing opportunities.

If you have a lengthy list of email subscribers, then it is wise to go for an unlimited plan.


Robust analytics 

Presently, digital marketing is mostly dependent on data. Many platforms now offer reporting features, you need to make sure that the platform you are choosing must offer you the basic email marketing metrics such as email open rate, CTR (Click Through Rate), unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate.

Besides this, you need built-in testing tools as you know A/B testing is important to know what is working well for you.


Email surveys 

Conducting surveys is the best way to get feedback from your subscribers and it lets your subscribers know that you care for their input.

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So, look for this feature in your email marketing service provider.


Spam testing 

Email service providers have spam filters to ensure that their user has a valuable experience. And this is a troubling factor for marketers and businesses.

If your emails are marked as spam, there is no chance for it to reach the inbox of recipients.

With spam testing, you can identify content in your email that could trigger spam filters and affect your email deliverability.

With this alert, you can modify your email message in a way that enhances your email deliverability.


Concluding thoughts 

We just discussed a few features that are needed for a successful email marketing campaign. The requirements keep evolving with time.

You need to ensure that you pick the email marketing service provider that has all the required features in it.



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