March 21, 2022

Digital Notes And Online Classrooms


If we closely look at the online education system, we find that this system is very similar to the traditional offline education system. This is especially true now when so many developments have been made over the last two years and the online education space look like it has forever existed and teachers and students are also very familiar with the same. The purpose of education is not only to teach the students to read and write or learn answers, write them in exams and pass to the next class with good grades. It also involves instilling in them good values, virtues, habits and beliefs, making them better humans and also ensuring that these students walk the right path and become responsible citizens of the society. Hence, the system of education does not matter much as long as the students are adapting well to change, being humble no matter what they do or where they are and still are rooted in their values.

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The online education system that came into effect at the onset of the first lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic is now very popular among teachers and students across the world. Almost all educational institutions of different types and sizes adapted to this system and found the best type of tools and platforms for online education that suited the institution’s requirement. Not only did the school and college authorities have the option to choose from a variety of platforms, methods of teaching and conducting classes, tools for delivering lectures and so on, but also the students had the freedom to choose the type of course they wish to do, the platforms they wish to choose for self-study and so on. One of the choices that the students had to make was between making physical notes or digital notes during the online classes.


Note-making is an important exercise that must be practised by every student of every age group. Making notes during classes or during your reading sessions helps you understand the topic being discussed or explained better. It helps you have the important points from the lecture or reading written by you in one place. If you have a different way of understanding concepts, making notes in that particular way can also help you learn faster. You can always go back to your notes in case you have any doubts or even use the same for revision during exam preparations.

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There are many benefits of making notes and having the option to choose between digital and hand-written notes allowed students to choose the type of notes that they were more convenient making and the type of notes that would help them learn better. In this article, we will be discussing digital note-making in online classes. We will talk about the two main types of digital notes, how they are different from each other and what the benefits of making digital notes are.


Digital notes or computer notes are the online version of handwritten notes and allow students to write during and after class on a device rather than writing on paper. Digital notes are of two types- typed digital notes and handwritten digital notes. Typed notes are created with the keyboard and handwritten digital nites are created using a special kind of software and a digital pen.


Picture this, you are in school and you have forgotten the notebook for your physics class and the topic being explained there is very important to be noted down. Now you can either make these physics notes in some other notebook and possibly misplace the same or you could not write down anything and miss this opportunity for learning. Digital notes are  created on the same device for every subject. Even when you use multiple devices to create these notes, you can easily share the files or have the same files on each device without putting in much effort and hence your notes are organised in one place. Handwritten notes can also not be edited over and over again while digital notes can be worked on even after you have saved them. You can easily share the notes with your classmates without the fear of misplacing your notebooks. Making digital notes also help you go easy on the environment and save paper.

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digital notes and online classrooms

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