July 14, 2022

Different Ways To Support Your Wellness Journey


Many people are mindful of their wellness and wonder how they can further improve it, while others feel they should be more mindful of their well-being and want guidance on how to begin the journey. Wherever you are on your wellness journey, these tips are meant to help you take steps forward.

Do One Good Thing

Suppose you have been on your wellness journey for some time. Great! This means that you already have practices and routines in place that you find beneficial and are pleased with. You should continue doing these things. You can, however, think about your wellness in terms of what other good things you can add to your already effective system. For instance, if you eat a balanced diet; perhaps you can add an antioxidant supplement to support your well-balanced dietary choices. You do not have to think of your wellness as something that must always be changing, especially if your body is functioning well. To move forward, consider what you already do well and think of ways to support those things.

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If, however, you are just beginning your wellness journey and want to implement good practices, you also can begin by adding in one good thing just like the person who is well on their journey. A journey must begin somewhere, so do not fall prey to the notion that you must have the entire journey planned before you can begin. Choose one good thing you can do for your wellness and do it.

Be Consistent

As you consider ways that you can supplement an already effective wellness plan, remember to be consistent with the habits and practices that you already know work best for you. Avoid the temptation to think that the newest suggestion is the one that you should follow. Change and progress are not the same things, so do not change your process even if popular opinion says you should.

If you are someone who is just starting, do not begin a practice simply because the crowd is doing it. Let your experience with what has and has not worked guide you as opposed to fads. Since this journey is yours, take comfort in the fact that you can do it your way and make a plan that centers around you and not what is new.

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Focus on the Whole You

For the experienced person and the beginner, it is important to remember that wellness is about the whole person: your body as well as your mind. Do not forget to continue to practice–or to add practices– that will have a positive impact on your mind and your body. A perfect example of a practice that is great for the wellness of your body and mind is the intentional investment in personal relationships. According to healthline.com, “Studies show that people who have close friends and family are healthier and live much longer than those who do not.” How wonderful is it that investing in the significant relationships in your life is beneficial to your mental well-being and your physical well-being? Another practice that can have an impact on your physical and mental wellness is getting outdoors. Getting outside can have a variety of positive outcomes. For instance, if while at work you create the habit of taking your breaks outside, you will create physical distance between yourself and an activity that might be stressful or difficult. This separation can help optimize your occasional stress and clear your mind. You will have the added benefit of physical exercise from walking from your workspace to an area outdoors. Going outside may seem like a small or simple practice, but it is one that can help support your overall wellness. As you begin or continue your wellness journey, make sure you include practices that include your mind as well as your body.

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Whether you are reflecting on your wellness journey or beginning one, there are many things to consider. Make sure that you dedicate a generous amount of your planning to ensuring that you make your journey about yourself as an individual and about the whole of you.


Be Consistent, different ways to support your wellness journey, Do One Good Thing, Focus on the Whole You

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