February 22, 2022

Creating and Merging PDFs has Never Been so Easy


 There are many ways to express your creativity both in the office and at home. Regardless of if you are making a detailed financial analysis report for your business or a flier for your child’s birthday party, it is important to have the ability to create in a digital medium. One of the best ways to do this is by using a PDF editor to create personalized PDF templates that can be used in both your professional and personal life. Although many people might think of PDFs as hard to open and are associated with work documents that your boss sent you in an email, they are very easy to use and with the right tools, they can give you a greater means of expressing yourself.


PDF stands for portable document format and that name is very apt when describing what they do and what purpose they have. For people who need to create a document that is both editable and shareable, then PDFs are the best option. This is because many people use different devices and different ways to create documents based on the built-in software they have on their devices; it can create difficulty when sharing documents between users and their devices. This is why having a unified editable document type can streamline the documentation process. Imagine if every business had its file format, it would be chaos. But how can we use PDFs? We need a PDF editor and the tools that come with them.

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To use PDFs, we need to have an online PDF editor or some kind of PDF editing software. Since PDFs are not text files but image files, they can be created, edited, and managed in a myriad of ways. This is why a PDF editor can be helpful. They give you the tools to work with this document type. There are many different tools PDF editors offer such as the ability to convert a file to a PDF, e-sign a document (this is important for contracts), and also the ability to merge PDFs. It might sound complicated to merge two or more PDF files but with a good online PDF editor, the process can become rather simple. All you need is to find the correct editor for you, and you are ready to proceed photo to pdf.


Why you should learn how to merge PDF files


There are many reasons you might want to learn how to merge PDFs. Firstly, if you are working for a business or in an office setting (home or at the physical location) then being able to merge PDFs is not only helpful but essential to your professional life. If for example, you are working on some type of large project for your company, then it will be necessary for you to be able to take two or more PDFs and combine them into a single document. In addition to this if you are a writer or researcher who needs to compile the information into a book format, the only way to do this easily and still make it shareable is through merging PDFs.

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How do you combine PDF files?


The process of merging PDFs can be different based on a few factors. Firstly, which PDF editor are you using? Different PDF editors have different operations for merging PDFs; however, they often have a few things in common. For most PDF editors the process will be something along the lines of creating a new PDF and selecting all the files you wish to combine, or there will be an option to insert an image or other PDF into the document you are currently using. The other potential difference might be your device or where you are getting the file from. For some PDF editors and devices, this can be simple and for others, it can be even easier.

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Best app for combining PDF files


Although some devices might not have the best PDF editors available, they can offer something for free and potentially useful to many users. For example, Microsoft offers Microsoft Edge which can be used as a PDF viewer but to be honest it has many limitations and is not designed to be able to merge PDFs but this can be rectified by the use of an extension. Besides Microsoft, Mac devices have their means to open and edit PDFs but although it is a better PDF editor than Microsoft offers it still has limitations compared to some of the larger PDF editors on the market when it comes to offering tools such as the ability to merge PDFs.

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While it is possible to work on PDFs using free software that came with your device on some occasions, there are some great alternatives available online. One of the better online PDF editors that you can use is Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF offers not only the merge tool, but it also offers you the ability to split a PDF, convert a PDF and compress a PDF which allows you to send a large PDF in an email. One of the best features of Lumin PDF though is that you do not always have to email a PDF since it works directly with Google Drive which means you can share your documents with your coworkers without having to even send it. Another great PDF editor is Adobe Acrobat which is probably the most well-known PDF editor since it was one of the first that people could use. In addition to Adobe, there is also SmallPDF and PDFelement which are also popular PDF editors.

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While creating a new PDF from scratch might seem daunting at first, with the proper tools and understanding of how to use them, the process can be not only easy but fun! Using the PDF merge tool allows you to take other PDFs and PDF premade templates and use them to create your document which can help you not only succeed but also help you to show off your creativity in your projects.


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