October 26, 2022

Common draw blackjack


The innovative live Blackjack game from NetEnt is the new Common draw blackjack. This is a great new take on a classic card game. This is a different type of game than the live roulette or live blackjack table that are currently offered at the best NetEnt casinos. The game is a breath of fresh air for all best payout online casino game lovers. There are enough similarities to the original table game that it means this game can be a new favorite with the loyal players. However, there are enough new features that can help attract new players who would normally not go to a live Blackjack table.

What is Common Draw Blackjack?

A normal Blackjack table will only have a set number of players sitting at a blackjack table in any one sitting. Common draw blackjack flips this rule a full 360 degrees and invites as many players as possible to take a seat and enjoy a hand or more against a courteous dealer. In this type of card game, the players will join the table. There can be any number of players present at any one time. They then place the bet they would like to play for each hand. Every player can choose the correct bet level for him or herself.

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The dealer will then start to deal at the best NetEnt casino on the live tables. The first card goes face up onto the centre of the table, this card is the player’s card. Dealers will then call out the number on the card. The second card dealt is the dealer’s card. The third card is again the player’s card. Once the two cards are placed in the main stream of the common draw Blackjack table each player can then make their own individual decisions.

So if the cards facing up on the middle of the table are a King and a 5, the dealer will then ask the players to hit or stand. These options are offered in this live common draw Blackjack game, to each player separately. So, if player number 1 for example decides he would like to stand on 15, then he is free to do so. Then player number 2 might be feeling a bit more daring and decide to go for another card. Player 2 can take the next card, if it is a card that keeps the total below 21 then the game can carry. If it is over 21 then that player will bust. However, the players who chose to remain on 15 are still in the meilleur casino en ligne game. The dealer at the live NetEnt casino will then take his or her next card. Depending on the total value of the dealers hand the players remaining in the game are paid out.

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This is a great game for players who want to mix it up in the Blackjack department. It also means never waiting to get onto a full live Blackjack table. You can play a few hands whilst passing time before you find a seat at a high roller live table. No matter what you prefer, this is definitely a great new idea from NetEnt and surely one to give a try.


common draw blackjack

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