November 24, 2021

Charity, Small Business Relief And More: The CARES Act Has It All Covered – By William D King


Due to this growing pandemic threat, the USA government thought of helping out the people in need and presented with the CARES Act. Experts like William D King would love to help you in this regard to understand more about the act and present the best and rewarding answer towards it. This Act is subject to help you small businesses, charity and so many more. So, let’s not waste time and focus on the options over here.

RMDs suspended- as mentioned by William D King:

Right now, because of the pandemic scenario, under the CARES Act, the government has suspended the Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs and the 401(k) plans for people at the age of 72. This change is here to stay for a long time, to help out people in need over here.

The value under the charity:

There is always a way out for the new provision, which will offer that above-the-line deduction for all the charitable contributions over here. On the other hand, due to this new Act, the limits on the charitable contributions have also changed. Understanding those changing points before is important to get the quality help, as and when asked for.

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The small business relief:

An amount of $350 billion is now dedicated to prevent layoffs and the business closures. On the other hand, the workers need to stay home during outbreak.

  • Companies, which have 500 employees or fewer than that will maintain the payroll during COVID and can receive around 8 weeks of cash-flow based assistance.
  • In case the employers maintain any payroll, the portion of loans used for that covered payroll cost, rent, interest on the mortgage obligations and utilities will be forgiven.

The main aim of this act is to financially help out smaller businesses in every manner possible. So, the government is trying to cut down extra costing values, which can otherwise hamper these businesses and will force them to shut down their doors forever.

Focusing on the net operating losses:

The TCJA or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Ac net operating loss rules have already been modified under the CARES Act. Around 80% of the rule has been lifted over here and now loss can be carried back by around 5 years for sure.

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Then you have the Excess Loss Limitation or the ELL rules, which were designed for pass-through entities. It has also been suspended as another significant part of the CARES Act.

Now for the interest expense limitation:

The interest expense limitations have now been increased to around 50% from that of 30% for the upcoming tax years, which began in 2019 or 2020. Taxpayers also had the chance to elect to calculate their present interest limitation for the previous year 2020 using 2019 adjustable taxable income as relevant base. It has been likely to be towards the higher scale.

Make sure to check in with these options before finalizing on how to take advantage of the CARES Act now. You will be amazed with the responses waiting for you to grab!


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