April 9, 2022

Best Air Conditioner Units In Australia


There are a lot of reasons why you might want to start thinking about replacing your current air conditioning system. It might be that your unit is getting old or that energy efficiency is becoming an issue with rising energy costs.

If now is the right time to make a change, you could certainly benefit from learning about the best air conditioners in Australia. Be it an HVAC in Brisbane or an HVAC in Sydney, you will find a common thread. The systems that are best in one region are generally going to be the best in other regions. Your job is to find the best air conditioners in Australia to meet your specific needs.

Size Matters When Choosing the Best Air Conditioning System

Before you proceed with your investigation into the best aircon systems on the market in Australia, you must first decide exactly what it is you need. First and foremost, you should let the size of the area you are trying to cool be your guide. With that in mind, here are three types of aircon systems you should consider.

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Note: Other considerations would be energy efficiency, noise, and the general weather conditions in your area.

Ducted Air Conditioning: If you are looking to cool a larger home with more than a couple of rooms, ducted air conditioning would be your best option. The ductwork throughout the house would ensure that each room gets access to an appropriate amount of cool air.

Split System Air Conditioner: For small rooms and smaller homes, the split system air conditioner offers a great energy efficiency solution. This type of system includes a condenser outside to collect and cool the air to be distributed through ductwork in the walls, ceiling, or flooring.

Warehouse Air Conditioner: To cover a warehouse or large storage area, you might need to go with an industrial-type warehouse air conditioner. This would certainly be the right option if the goods you are storing need to be kept at a cooler temperature. What makes cooling a warehouse so challenging is the high ceilings, large open spaces, and the need to keep service doors open for long periods.

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Some of the Best Air Conditioners in Australia

After giving some thought to your specific needs, you will want to find the right system to meet those needs. With that in mind, here is a list of what are generally

considered to be the best air conditioning systems in Australia.

In the ducted air conditioning category, the best options would include:

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries High Static: compact design with zoning options to control temperatures by room
  • Daikin Ducted Reverse Cycle: compact and eco-friendly
  • Samsung Ducted Reverse Cycle: low vibrations and very energy efficient

In the split system air conditioner category, the best options would include:

  • Mitsubishi Electric Reverse Cycle: exceptionally quiet with high-speed heating and cooling
  • Samsung Reverse Cycle: energy efficient reaches cooling capacity very quickly
  • Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Split System Lifestyle Range: user-friendly

In the warehouse air conditioning category, you might want to look at the following:

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5kW Avanti Plus Reverse Cycle Split System
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1kW Bronte Split System
  • Panasonic 8kW AERO Series Premium Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioner
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Before you make your choice, you might want to consult with an HVAC professional like Hello Breeze.


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