October 4, 2022

Are you planning to sprinkle the Christmas theme on your email?


Are you planning to sprinkle the Christmas theme on your email? Is your company pushing out a Christmas-themed campaign? Introducing a brand new service or product for this holiday season? Bringing the Christmas theme to your email can be very beneficial to your business. If you are wondering how to bring the best of Christmas to your email, there is no better place for the message than to be placed in the email signature.


With a Christmas-themed email signature, you can send out warm greetings to your professional contacts and customers increasing your goodwill. You can inform your customers of the timings for your business this holiday season and also convey important information regarding your business right from the bottom of the email.


Adding the festive theme to your email signature also brings a great element to your brand and breathes fresh air into your brand. Adding humour and Santa Claus to your emails can invoke a better presence in the mind of customers.

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Creating and managing multiple email signatures for a medium scaled company can be quite daunting. Thankfully, Crossware mail signature makes it easier to create and manage email signatures for multiple departments and individuals.


Examples of Christmas email signature templates

There are tons of ways to bring in the Christmas spirit in your Christmas signatures. You can either keep things nice and simple or make them all loud and flashy when it comes to Christmas designs. Here are some inspirational templates to help you design your perfect Christmas email signature template.


1) Bring in the Christmas colours


The stunning colours of green and red make it absolutely festive and unmissable. Simple and subtle makes this template a go-to as it still keeps things interesting and professional. With Crossware 365 you can choose your perfect email signature or make your own font colours.


2) Offers in Christmas Email Signatures

It is a great idea to be showing attractive offers and discounts in your email signatures itself. This gives you a great chance to showcase your products and offers at a glance. Christmas imagery, colours and email signature wording can raise awareness and bring sales to your products and services. This email signature template shows a great example to push an offer during the holiday season.

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3) Merry Christmas Email Signature gif

You can go extra creative by adding Fun moving images otherwise called GIFs to your email signatures. Crossware 365 signature manager lets you add Gifs in your signatures. You can go ahead and make your own custom GIFs in Canva and upload them in Crossware 365.

Merry Christmas Gifs are a fun way to make your email distinct and unforgettable.


Christmas Email Signatures Generator

Christmas Season is fast approaching and generating templates for the whole company can be a tedious task. Incorporating images and gifs in your mail signatures can be a fun way to connect with your colleagues and clients alike.


You can head on to https://crossware365.com/blog/create-a-professional-email-signature-in-office-365/ to find out more about creating professional email signatures for your teams in Office 365.


Happy Holidays!


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