August 17, 2021

Are ball pythons a good pet for my first reptile?


Reptiles have grow to be an more and more fashionable alternative of pet lately. You can discover them throughout social media, within the information, and within the houses of over 4.5 million Americans. With all the excitement going round, those that by no means thought-about holding a cold-blooded animal at the moment are vying for one among their very own. If you’re one among these reptile-curious people, you in all probability already know the widespread consensus is that ball pythons make for among the finest first reptiles for novices.

This advice is spot on. Aside from these charming snakes being one of the crucial fashionable of the animal class (for causes which we are going to get into later), ball pythons bear all the mandatory traits to make them a superb alternative for these dealing with the reptile studying curve. They have a great temperament so there’s no fear about getting bitten; they’re delightfully low upkeep when it comes to their care wants; and final however not least, they’re one of the crucial stunning snakes round.

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4 Reasons Ball Pythons Are Perfect For Beginners

If you continue to want convincing why ball pythons make for nice first pet reptiles, right here’s an in-depth have a look at exactly what makes them so great.

Friendly & social

Ball pythons are well-adjusted to human interplay. They’re one of many few species that may tolerate being picked up and cherished on with any frequency, good for the pet proprietor that was beforehand accustomed to a very hands-on pet expertise. Other snakes can grow to be wired by an excessive amount of interplay, which isn’t any enjoyable for you or the snake.


As talked about earlier than, there’s little or no threat that your ball python would ever damage you. These guys are lovers, not fighters. In reality, they get their namesake from their tendency to curve up into a ball and conceal from hazard, slightly than go on the offensive.

Straightforward care necessities

The sensible elements of pet possession are one other space the place ball pythons shine. Hailing from the dry sub-Sarahan grasslands of West Africa, ball pythons like their enclosures to be heat and comfortable. This means no fidgeting with humidity ranges, which could be tough to grasp. Additionally, these snakes are hearty and wholesome and much more forgiving if it takes you a few minutes to get the hold of their temperature routine.

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Lots of selection to select from

Looks aren’t the whole lot, however we’d be mendacity if we mentioned that look wasn’t a issue that influences our selections. Fortunately, ball pythons are stunning in and out. This snake species boasts essentially the most coloration and sample variations than every other, providing you with ample alternative to choose the one which matches what you pictured as the right snake.

Ask anybody and so they’re prone to let you know to start out your herpetological journey with a ball python. Should you accomplish that, you’ll end up with a pleasant snake that’s simple to care for and enjoyable to work together with. You can discover ball pythons for sale, in addition to their hundreds of morphs, just about wherever that snakes are bought.


4 Reasons Ball Pythons Are Perfect For Beginners, are ball pythons a good pet for my first reptile?, Friendly & social, Lots of selection to select from, Non-aggressive, Straightforward care necessities

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