December 6, 2021

Advantages Of Renting Tents At Events


Tents are hired to cover our event, which is a benefit in all its points. Here we tell you five of the main advantages of renting tents at events and what they add to your day.


Possibility of holding the event outdoors: Thanks to the hiring of the tent, you should not worry about possible weather changes and other external situations that you do not control.

The tent like outdoor party tents for instance will cover the place chosen for the event, taking advantage of all the available space and making it unique for the attendees.

Ease of assembly. Events are usually temporary situations. Therefore, the advantage of renting a tent is the assembly and disassembly of it. Its speed in a matter of hours and without damaging the area of ​​use.

Versatility. Thanks to its adaptability, you will adjust the marquee based on the number of guests and customize the distribution of the rest of the material, such as chairs, tables, bars, and various accessories.

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Decor. The tents such as outdoor party tents can be personalized with decorative accessories that make them much more visual and eye-catching.

Tips For Renting Tents At Events

When it comes to renting tents at events, it is good to follow a series of tips to do it correctly and have the most appropriate for the organized event.

In this section, we will tell you which are the main tips that you should take into account and what each one makes up to make renting tents at events something special.

Types Of Tents

There are different types of tents. All of them are adapted to the needs and circumstances of each person and moment, looking for the best option by offering their guests an ideal place where the event in question is held.

There are several types such:

  • Polygonal tents
  • Gabled tents
  • Hamas

They are tents that make a difference, creating a unique and special environment for that day, adapted at all times to each client, place, space, location, etc. The number of people attending influences the decision, because it will depend on it to choose a larger size tent, compared to a tent, to gather fewer people inside it.

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Make a list of the characteristics and needs of your event

  • Installation place
  • Calculate the dimensions of the tent
  • Extra accessories to need
  • Number of attendees
  • Extra elements to your tent

Air conditioning: heating and air conditioning to have the event venue at the best temperature for your attendees.

Flooring: We have several options that complement the tent and make it even better, such as wooden floors, flooring, carpet, and platforms.

Types of canvases: We have all types of canvases to adapt to each event. Transparent, opaque canvases, English-type windows, rectangular windows, whatever you need depending on what is done inside it.

Lighting and sound: Make each event a unique staging adapted to the place and make your attendees enjoy the place.

Furniture: chairs, tables, modular stands, bars, stands, dance floor. Any complement that improves the place, the event and makes people’s visit more comfortable.


How much does it cost to rent tents at events?

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Well, it all comes down to it; it depends. It depends on the needs you have, the size, place of installation, accessories, etc. There are many factors to consider when renting a tent since the rental price can vary.

You must always take into account what is necessary and priority. What you do need for that day and that you cannot miss, and from there see if one more complement is required. That is why prices may vary since they are personalized based on that day’s characteristics, interests, and needs.

Therefore, before taking any step, the first thing is to find out and have them comment and resolve any doubts you may have when renting the tent.


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