December 9, 2021



The definition of the word gender seems to blur as time passes, and the best sector to reflect this change is the fashion industry. Several fashion pieces came with gender tags earlier, which followed the social convention for gender. But today, these lines are less definitive, and all genders can find similarities across their fashion designs. This similarity is especially evident in the accessories area, where people can find a variety of pieces for all outfit styles, ranging from crossbody bags to bow ties online and offline. Accessory trends change with the times, and the evolution of the change is usually evident. But today’s trends are in stark contrast with earlier trends. The primary reason for this drastic change is the lifting of lockdown rules. The hope given by the vaccine reflects on the peppy colour palette of today’s trends, a testament to the positive and joyous mood of people globally.


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Accessory trends usually complement outfit trends, though they may change faster than them. These trends also have a more global reach than outfit trends because of their universality.


Block Nerdy Frames

Nerdy glasses came into vogue a while back, and it looks like they are here to stay. The nerdy or chunky glasses came in various styles, but the current trend seems to be rounded frames with thinner bezels. Pop colours are still in vogue, though most men prefer black ones, as they suit all outfits. These glasses are not prescription and only add a unique factor to the look. Black frames, tortoiseshells, pop colour acrylics are popular choices.


Layered Simple Bracelets

Following the native American trend, leather bracelets were in vogue a while back. But today, metallic or string bracelets with minimal designs are perfect additions to casual outfits. These bracelets come in various materials and accentuate the hands, making them ideal for short-sleeved dresses. Layered pop colours or metallic layers are the current trends, though people are trying thin leather straps and small beaded bracelets with casual outfits.

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The Not So Quintessential Bow tie

Bow ties are officially making a comeback this season in various designs, shapes, patterns, and colours. Layered bow ties are a rage with plaid or chequered patterns, adding vibrancy to the outfit. The plain black bow tie is taking a backseat, as coloured and patterned bow ties are trending. Men can buy bow ties online and offline, allowing them to expand their collection effortlessly. Bow ties also come in different shapes that suit casual or party outfits.


Graphic Neckties

Neckties are making their debut as certified accessories for men this season. Ties come with a range of graphic prints like pop art, comic themes, nebulae, cartoon characters, and more. The designs are limitless, allowing people to incorporate them into their look, no matter the style. People who don’t know how to knot a tie can also opt for clip-on ties that look authentic.


The Crossbody Bag

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Crossbody bags are functional and fashionable, adding a pop of colour to the outfit. These bags come in various designs, from rectangular purses to messenger bags, and they also come in different sizes. People can effortlessly find a bag to match their outfit and vibe from the unending range available.


The Headgear Range

Hats or other headgear were always in style, but the designs were different with every season. This season berets and baseball caps are making a splash on the runway and magazine covers. Berets in dark colours add a sophisticated vibe to the outfit, and pairing them with block frames completes this look. Baseball caps never went out of style and were the best addition to any casual outfit. People can choose from a range of headgear to complement their outfits this season.

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