August 17, 2022

A Blueprint on Building a Software Application

The stipulated time between designing and launching a product is called SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). No wonder the development of software us quite challenging as it requires in-depth understanding of the libraries and functions involved within.

Countless projects have shown us that crafting a software application from scratch does take a lot of time and can be an overwhelming process if the steps are not clearly defined. We suggest you research and see what different stages of software development look like. It is better if you know what to expect.

Generally, a software application goes through a series of seven stages. Let’s discover one by one each stage in order to learn how these stages work, and how they are accountable for the development of software.

Top 7 Stages to Consider Prior Developing a Software

Wondering about creating a software successfully? Here is the list of the seven stages that is mostly followed by the software development companies.

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The first step is the planning stage. In this stage, IT managers and project developers discuss technological innovations and brainstorm the ideas that will be utilize during the SDLC stage. To put it simply, in the planning stage, the software team creates a road map about the software development.

Feasibility Analysis

After the planning stage, the next step is to conduct feasibility analysis. Mostly businesses and enterprises are carrying out a viability report in order to evaluate the revenue the software would be to generate in the long run.

Besides, this report reveals details of other essential factors, including technical and economical factors that take part in the project development. Overall, in this stage, the expense of a software usually takes place.


In this stage, designers and other architects conceptualize the software and build the entire structure of the software based on the first two stages. Besides, the prototype is also designed in this phase.

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And during the design stage, brand tone and voice guidelines should be clearly defined. When you collaborate with an app development company NYC, make sure there is no communication gap and design elements are defined beforehand. Design and communication go together. The design you proceed with will be responsible for depicting the app’s message.


The most challenging and time-consuming phase is coding. In this stage, developers are responsible for developing codes for different areas. Mostly, project managers control all the software building process.


In order to determine how many conflicts and bugs are present in the software, the integration of all sources and environments at the right time in a software is a must have. Normally, most software development companies, especially the giant ones make use of continuous integration. Besides, in this phase, software developers conduct tests and execute unit tests accordingly.

Quality Assurance

In this phase, quality assurance engineers test and debug codes developed by developers. These adept professionals make use of different frameworks and other testing tools to discover any bugs present in a software. If they found any aggressive threat or bug in a software, they write test reports and asked the developers to make the changes accordingly. Besides, QA engineers assist developers to develop a software product more resourcefully.

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After the completion of designing, development, and testing phases, the last step is the launching phase. In this stage, the software is launched on various platforms as well as the maintenance and support is also done during this phase.

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