February 28, 2022

8 Romantic Gifts You Can Buy Online for Your Partner

Do you need unique romantic gifts for your other half that you can buy online? You can get a little creative and do something original and out of the ordinary to impress your partner. The gift could be either tangible or intangible, since they are purchased and delivered online. This article provides a guide on eight romantic gifts you can buy online for your partner. They include NFTs, crypto, cold storage wallets, paid online courses, cryptocurrency miner and gift cards.




Cryptocurrencies are the ultimate virtual gifts to get your partner, especially if they are experienced in the world of crypto. If the individual lacks sufficient crypto knowledge, you could go for the more established coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, when you buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency coins, it is important to keep in mind that the value of the coins might not necessarily appreciate with time.

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Hardware wallet


A crypto wallet is essential in keeping your cryptocurrency safe from cybercriminals. A cold or hardware wallet is a good option since it is perpetually offline and is capable of holding a variety of cryptocurrencies. Cold wallets have high levels of security via PIN encryption. If your partner is holding any cryptocurrency, a cold storage wallet is a great gift idea that can help them safely transfer and store their coins. It can also come in handy in helping them perform transactions and stake their coins to attract passive earnings. Be it as it may, the cold storage wallet is a bearer asset which, if misplaced, its value is also lost. Therefore, it might not be a suitable gift for someone who is prone to misplacing things.




If your partner is an art enthusiast, digital art NFTs can make an awesome online gift for them. You can design creative non-fungible tokens that can be stored on the blockchain forever. NFT marketplaces auction several NFTs that you can gift your partner. You simply have to search for the artwork that fits your partner and bid on it.

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Virtual real estate


The metaverse has in recent days seen rapid development, and it is becoming a major part of our daily lives. If your loved one is a gaming enthusiast, they can appreciate metaverse-related gifts such as virtual land in the metaverse. You can buy virtual land on different types of metaverse platforms such as The Sandbox, Decentraland and Axie Infinity in form of NFTs. Virtual real estate in the metaverse can be an alternative asset that can be redeemed for different objectives. However, it is important to note that the price of virtual real estate is subject to appreciation with the increasing number of participants due to scarcity.


A cryptocurrency miner


An Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), though expensive, can be a very beneficial gift for your partner since it is capable of mining Bitcoin hence, you do not have to buy cryptocurrencies. Such plug-and-play crypto mining machines offer beginners and affordable option to learn about cryptocurrency mining. Alternatively, you can gift them a Hotspot to extract Helium (HNT) which is cheaper and consumes less power.

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Paid subscription to online cryptocurrency courses


If your partner is interested in learning about the crypto and the blockchain, buying them some courses on the subject will be a wise. This is especially perfect for persons who are not great fans of reading books or texts online. You can find quality and suitable crypto courses on various educational platforms such as Udemy. The blockchain technology is growing quickly and peaking many people’s interests. Therefore, apart from getting your loved one certification, a course on the blockchain technology can also equip them with an important skill to help them advance professionally.


A holiday getaway


If you and your partner feel like you need to spend quality time together to relax, grow your bond and understand each other better, you can pay for a getaway online. Nowadays, it is possible to acquire plane tickets or book an Airbnb anywhere using crypto. There are many holiday destinations and merchants that accept cryptocurrency payments, such as the bitcoin beach.

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Crypto gift cards


If you want to buy cryptocurrencies for your partner, you can give them the chance to decide the kind of coins that suits them best. You can do this by buying gift cards with a specific theme. Some websites such as Macy’s gift card allow users to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies create custom gift cards that your partner can exchange for their token of choice. Other crypto platforms such Coinbase gives users an option of wrapping their crypto gift cards in special NFT-inspired packaging.


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