April 25, 2021

8 Innovative Tips That Can Help You with Your Social Media Strategies


Social Media Strategies

Whether you own a small business or a bigger one, social media sites do figure a prominent place in your marketing strategies. These sites provide an inimitable potential to reach a limitless target audience through interaction. If you pay attention to certain points, you can get incredible benefits for your business through social media marketing.

Below are given 8 Innovative Tips That Can Help You with Your Social Media Strategies:

Source: Social Media
Source: Social Media

1. Do not restrict your social media presence to the most popular sites

It is very helpful when you ensure an active presence on the top networking sites of the time. However, you will certainly miss a share of your potential audience if you limit your marketing strategies to Twitter and Facebook only.

For taking maximum commercial benefits from the social media networking, create brand awareness of your product on the sites that cater to a wider nature of the audience. Some examples of such sites can be Pinterest, Digg, and StumbleUpon.

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Source: socialmediaandcoffee
Source: socialmediaandcoffee

2. Do more than just posting your content; Engage with your visitors

You will certainly create a loyal fan base when you regularly post contents that feature interesting stuff. However, if you are proactive, you will be inundated with visitors on your social media account.

You have to engage with your visitors so that they keep coming back and, in fact, spread the word about your presence. Rather than having one-way communication, you have to start a dialogue with your visitors. Run competitions, pose questions, seek comments, and ask your audience to share their experiences.

Be creative. It will increase the curiosity of your audience and ensure better advertising for your brand.

Source: Digital Marketing Institute
Source: Digital Marketing Institute

3. Integrate social media into your blog and website

By just placing follow and share buttons of the social networking sites on your website and blog, you can promote your brand successfully.

In order to ensure a better response, you should place the buttons on the webpage at a location where they are clearly visible.

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Moreover, at the end of the blog post and content, you should include a call-to-action statement. This statement will encourage the reader to share the page with his contacts.

Source: radiantmarketingaz
Source: radiantmarketingaz

4. Share content from multiple sources

Enriched content that offers versatile knowledge to the readers is always more attractive than the content that has a monotonous flavor. If you keep posting content from a single source, you will fail to offer interesting and knowledgeable stuff to your visitors. Therefore, you should share content created by other writers as well, along with your own content. However, do not forget to give credit to the original source of the content.

Source: falconediting
Source: falconediting

5. Link your social media accounts for enforcing the presence

While having accounts on multiple social networking sites is definitely a smart marketing move, you will get surprising results if you link these accounts. Major networking sites have acknowledged the benefits of integrating the accounts. Hence, you will get an option that looks like Link Accounts on these sites.

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Once you link your accounts, you can post content on various sites simultaneously through one site. It will save your time and help you focus on creating captivating content more.

Source: bitrebels
Source: bitrebels

6. Enable your visitors to move across several networks

The more mobility and possibilities you provide to your visitors, the more they will aspire to visit you.

For instance, if you have a Facebook account and you indicate your account details of other sites, says LinkedIn, it is very likely the visitors will also jump to the other sites to check out your account. It will also prove to your visitors how much you appreciate the communication. Provide your e-mail address and, if possible, the website link too.

Source: Medium
Source: Medium

7. Offer multifarious kinds of content

Social media marketing will bear optimum results for your business when you offer variety in your posts. Always be prepared to intrigue your readers, and that can be best done if you keep posting different kinds of content rather than predictable ones.

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Spice up your posts with more than just informative texts. Add videos, pictures, and info graphics. With more than one type of content presented on your page, you will be able to reach a wider audience.

Source: socialandstuff
Source: socialandstuff

8. Visit other people’s blogs and share your comments

Nothing can get you more exposure than checking out other people’s blogs and then posting your comments. You should also give your social media links in the comment box.

Remember to make your comments relevant and thought/action-provoking. When your comments add to the knowledge and cause of the topic, it will encourage other readers and blog owners to learn more about you. They will click on your links to reach your pages.

Source: Prodware UK
Source: Prodware UK

9: Be Fresh, Be Responsive

It should go without saying, but those are the last famous words… You need to update your social media accounts daily with new posts and responses to comments. You don’t want to spam your followers with five posts a day – but you do need to be top of mind. Mid-afternoon is a great time to post without getting buried in someone’s stream far below all the other posts from their old friends. Furthermore, when someone’s checking out your account because they like your company, it’s important to see a list of content that is renewed frequently – the opposite is perceived as “lame.”

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Again, your social media account is a test drive for your customer service. You need to respond to comments – and quickly. Positive or funny comments are easy. If someone does have a complaint, reply quickly with a positive answer that directly addresses their concern. However, a best practice is to never reply beyond the first ‘round’ of communication publicly. This will only go down the road of public bickering, and that doesn’t help your image. You can always compose a private message if you’d like to discuss the issue further. This is a rapid tool, though, and you do need to respond within a day or two to all comments. Don’t plan on looking at your social media only once per week.


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