March 9, 2022

7 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Algorithm Ranking


For increasing your ranking with such an Instagram ranking, it is best to drive as many interactions as possible.

  • Like.
  • Direct.
  • Comment.
  • Share.
  • Save.

By developing momentum with your existing community, you will be able to see your content coming in front of new viewers.


If you are into the Instagram platform, you might have understood that only having a presence is not enough for getting more followers likes and also ranking at the top of the explore tab.

7 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Algorithm Ranking

When it comes to attracting more followers and increasing your Instagram visibility, you might always opt for the short-cut method, such as instagram likes buy. However, in case you do not have the budget to spend on that, you can still attract more followers.


Here, we will guide you with some great ways to increase your Instagram algorithm ranking. Using all these tried and tested methods, you will be able to get more followers and likes and also be able to develop a reliable instagram community.

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#1 Adopt The Newest Feature

Instagram has a lot of things to offer you and is also being updated on a regular basis; the only mantra to get the best from this platform is embracing the latest features. However, it was developed as a photo-sharing platform, which was the favorite of all those photographers.


Instagram is now developing itself as a platform for marketing and growing businesses. That is why they are adding more features, which will help the businesses to grow using Instagram marketing.

#2 Engaging Captions And Comments

We believe you know how important it is to engage your audiences for feed ranking. That is why being as engaged as possible in the post you are making on Instagram. We know you want to know how to do that.


The best way to do this is by interacting with your audiences in the comment section. Your audiences will also love to hear the story about your brands, so include them in the comment section.

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#3 Use Instagram Story Stickers for More Interactions

One of the major goals you have is engaging more and more audiences. Here, Instagram story stickers can help you a lot. There are a lot of Instagram stickers, but the voting, question stickers, emoji sliders stickers are possibly the best ones to engage with your audiences.


For getting quick engagement, emoji sliders and polls are really effective for some brands. On the other hand, question stickers might not be that quick in showing the results but can actually engage a number of audiences.

#4 Instagram Content Cross Promotion

When you are planning on Instagram algorithm ranking cross-promoting, Instagram is a great way to do it. With the continuous growth of Instagram, the channels to share content are also increasing. They are;

  • IGTV.
  • Instagram story.
  • Feed.


The different categories of channels can get you more audiences when you use them strategically.

#5 Use DM

Just like Instagram comments and likes, DM is also a powerful indicator of engagement in the Instagram algorithm. The Instagram algorithm is the best when it comes to offering content that users want to see.

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Through direct mail, invite your audiences on a regular basis. You also can reply to their questions and encourage reviewing questions through DMs.

#6 Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy

When you are into online marketing, you definitely know about SEO. When it comes to Instagram, the hashtags play the role of SEO.


Haven’t you searched anything on Instagram using hashtags? Yes, that is the way of using the explore feature. It is one of the most prominent and effective ways to reach a huge number of audiences and eventually increase the Instagram algorithm ranking.

Final Tip

Only developing a strategy and working on it is not going to bring you the success you are longing for; you also need to monitor the performance. Use the amazing feature, Instagram analysis, in order to check the overall engagement.



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