October 11, 2022

7 Amazing Hair Styles Trends to be loved in 2022


Each year comes with its own sense of fashion and style. Perhaps, this is why the adage, “New Year, new you” continues to be relevant all the time. One of the ways how we transform our looks is by getting a new hairstyle. Based upon one’s mood and the pocket, one can choose from just a new cut, a styling trick or go for a host of treatments to altogether come up with new hairstyle. In other words, a new hairstyle is like announcing to the world that something is changing in your life, and now with increasing number of people now being vaccinated and exhausted with the pandemic, perhaps there is no better time for people to come with a newer version of themselves. So, our team here got into doing some research to come up with this list of seven amazing hairstyles that are being loved in 2022. Turns out that the trends of 2022 have taken their inspiration from the 1980s hairstyle.

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The Modern Mullet

In its upgraded version, this trendsetter 80s hair underwent a transformation to appear less severe. This softer style of the grunge look is a great way to add texture and volume to the hair. Over the period of time it grows into a long layered shag hair. In its modern avatar, the mullet can be further customized around the ears and the face. Essentially a bi-layer cut, the purpose of a mullet is to quite literally frame the face beautifully. Recently celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Jordan Avery Z were seen sporting the modern mullet.

The Edgy Undercut

Another classic from the list of best 80s hair is the undercut. In this reinvented form the undercut involves shaved sides, with the option of shaved back. Although the undercut is predominantly sported with short hair, there have been instances when it was paired with long hair too. Ideally, the undercut should be so executed that the remaining of the hair is of such a length that it flatters your face. Halle Berry sported the edgy undercut during the Critics Choice Awards and had us swooning over the look.

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The Glossy Glam Blow Out

The gloss glam blow out is essentially rolled brush blow dry. The glossy glam blow out is best suited for long hair. Using a hair tool such as a hot brush this voluminous look can be created in easily. The volume is added by layers. With the idea being to have the wearer stand out, this 1980s hairstyle is back in business.

The Bixie

A cusp between the two classics of 1980s hairstyle, the bixie is an interesting take on the bob cut and the pixie cut. Equal parts bob cut and pixie cut, the bixie is a shaggy bob mixed with layers to add dimensions to the hairstyle. In its modernized version, the 80s hair has found takers in Rowan Blanchard, Florence Pugh and Kelly Rowland.

Curl Ready Styles 

2022 is the year, when curls have made a comeback. The rock and roll finish, along with movement to accept the natural texture of the hair has helped bring out the best of the curls. Hairstylists recommend opting for styles such as rounded Afro, which help keep the curls healthy and let you boast of a voluminous fuller mane. The tighter curls of the 80s hair perm is now replaced with more waiver perm to give the beach hair look.

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Asymmetrical Cut

First popularized in the 1980s, the asymmetrical cut was for women who preferred to stand out and get noticed. This cut was not for the docile wallflowers. Best suited for those, who had medium length wavy hair the cut worked to accentuate the features of the round or square face. Added advantage is that the style doesn’t need high maintenance and is an easy air dry style. In 2022s, hairstylists have adopted to transform the asymmetrical cut by incorporating soft and broken layers.

Wispy Bangs

The bangs continue to remain an eternal favourite. Ask your stylist to give you layered cut to create volume and texture in your hair. With lot of layers around the face, the wispy bangs add an amazing softness, especially with thick hair. Celebrity stylist Alex Brown has rightly anticipated that in 2022, the bangs, which ranked amongst the best 80s hair, will be back. Let Elizabeth Olsen show you how to sport the wispy bangs.

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Tell us in comments, which amongst these amazing hairstyles trends will define your 2022 look.



7 amazing hair styles trends to be loved in 2022

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