May 2, 2022

5 Ways To Set Your Newborn Baby’s Sleep Schedule


It is no secret that newborn babies need a lot of sleep. Babies are born with limited supplies of milk and other nutrients, so to have enough energy for their growing bodies they need plenty of sleep. Therefore, there are five essential tips for setting your newborn’s sleep schedule:

1) Make sure the room is cool and dark before putting them down: Your newborn baby can’t control their body temperature, so make sure the room is cool for them by removing blankets and other stuff that cover their body. If there are windows in the room, close them or use curtains to block out any light from outside.

2) Keep to a consistent schedule: Set a newborn sleep schedule starting with feeding time and ending with bedtime. Your newborn baby will be accustomed to sleeping in a dark environment at night, so give them time to adjust by slowly increasing the amount of light they are exposed to during daytime hours. Keeping your baby on a regular sleep schedule will also help you know when they are getting tired, making it easier to put them down.

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3) Feed the organic formula at the right time: You can feed the organic formula right when your baby wakes up, or at their regular feeding time. The best time for me is about 8-9 am, because that is when my baby starts to feel hungry. Moreover, it is important to feed your baby right before the nap time, because the feeding time is actually a working time for your baby.

4) Make sure they are comfortable: Babies are not able to control their body temperature, so make sure the room is cool before putting them down. Moreover, if you use a bassinet or crib make sure it’s free from any objects that could harm them. Also, it’s better for you to lay in bed with them for about 30 minutes before putting them down. This will help you know if your newborn baby needs to go potty or not.

5) Don’t listen to the wrong advice: Some new parents have this idea that putting the babies down to sleep will cause them to sleep longer. This may be true for a newborn baby, but for an older child it could cause some serious problems. The neonatal intensive care patients in a hospital can start their day sleeping 8 hours straight, but after one year of age they are only allowed to sleep from 10-12 hours.

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Since your newborn baby is still unsure of how they want to operate their body, they must be awake every 2-3 hours during every 24 hour day and night cycle. Also, as your baby matures into adulthood, their body will change along with their sleep patterns. Therefore we can only recommend the 5 steps above to help if your newborn baby is not sleeping enough. It will also help you save money because if your baby is not sleeping enough you will be buying more diapers and food.


1) Make sure the room is cool and dark before putting them down:, 2) Keep to a consistent schedule:, 3) Feed the organic formula at the right time:, 4) Make sure they are comfortable:, 5 ways to set your newborn baby's sleep schedule, 5) Don't listen to the wrong advice:, Conclusion

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