June 30, 2022

5 Hacks to Sell Online Courses Faster 


With the rise in science and technology, all professional sectors are working in advanced and digital ways. Similarly, education is also no longer limited to convention setups. Educators look for the best platform to sell online courses and experience the benefits like better flexibility, convenience, and comfort. With the tough competition going on in the online teaching field, selling your particular course can be a little challenging. Let us discuss some effective hacks that online course creators can follow to sell their online courses faster.


Hacks to sell online courses faster

  1. Sell mini-courses for free

To research the best platform to sell courses online and expand your e-learning business, selling mini-courses for free is advisable. To provide the audience with a proper idea of your online course, give a sample structure or study material for free. On your online course website, upload a few samples of recorded lectures, audios, videos, and reading PDFs. Give its free access to the audience. This will surely help to sell your main online course at a faster rate.

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  1. Talk about the course on social media platforms

Marking a social media presence is quite beneficial to selling online courses faster. Today social media platforms are the best for building communication and business. Make your course accounts on suitable platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and advertise your product here.


  • Start podcasts: podcasts are another way in which social media can be used for course selling. YouTube and many other social media platforms can release podcast episodes. Here you can talk about your online course, have a video with your experienced students, and more.


  • Reels and YouTube shorts: today everyone prefers getting in-hand information in a short time. Online course creators should make YouTube shorts and reels on Instagram to reach out to the target audience faster. Here the videos last up to sixty seconds.
  1. Go live

Live streaming is also a beneficial step to sell online courses faster. Learners want to get a satisfactory level and a basic idea of whether they are joining the right course or not. To make the target audience get a proper idea of your excellent academic and administrative services, conducting live streams and webinars is helpful. From your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube you can conduct live sessions. Here give a teaching demo or talk about some significant topics like the benefits of joining your online course, course duration and outlook, etc.

  • Post a story, a community post, or send messages before coming live. This will help you to get more people to watch your live streams.
  • Allow the audience to ask questions and answer them in detail. A good seller customer interaction will boost the online course selling process.
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  1. Start practicing email marketing

Another way to sell online courses faster is by emailing marketing. Students of all age groups from secondary, senior secondary to higher groups have email accounts. It is a basic necessity in today’s digital life. On phones and computers, learners log in to their email accounts and receive important information and notifications from different platforms.

To make your online course reach out to the target audience, you can prepare an email list and send the course-related information from time to time. You can make an email address compulsory to add for the viewers coming to your course website. This will help you to prepare an email list effectively.

  • Send to-the-point messages. Keep information specific and eye-catching.
  • Only send emails when important. Frequent messages throughout the day can be hectic or irritating for the audience.
  1. Offer discounts for a limited time frame


We all love or better say crave discounts and offers. Every person prefers spending where they get some discounts, complimentary gifts, vouchers, and other profits. Similar to selling online courses faster, offering an offer on admission fees, and study material price is quite beneficial. Make sure to give discounts for a limited time frame only. This will help you to catch the audience’s attention faster, and to grab the offer within that period only, quick enrollments will be made. Keep changing the offers and incentives as per the need and demand in the market.

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With the growth in educational technology, online courses are increasing rapidly. To sell courses at a faster rate, a proper plan of action is important. By following the above-mentioned tips, creators can sell their respective online courses faster and generate maximum profits.


5 hacks to sell online courses faster 

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