October 18, 2022

5 common mistakes that casino players make



  • Bankruptcy syndrome

Again related to bank management, the bankruptcy syndrome consists of betting large sums regardless of the outcome. It is a strategic error derived from the false belief that the time will come when our high bet will win and we will recover the wasted money. However, it is a way to quickly destroy our bank, even before that winning bet arrives that should compensate for previous losses. To avoid bankruptcy you have to manage your bank effectively.

  • The Monte Carlo Fallacy: May Psychology Overcome You

The psychological factor is very important in casinos, and if we have several spins where the pair or black comes out it is easy to believe that the trend will change soon. However, this false belief has no foundation since everything depends on the whims of chance and if the roulette ball has stopped 5 times in a row on the red numbers, on the next spin you have exactly the same chances of stopping on a black number than red. It is a psychological prejudice that reminds us of the importance of keeping a cool head and avoiding being defeated by psychology.

  • Playing in bad company
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That tells me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are can be applied to the game. Whether in land-based casinos or online, the company can be decisive when it comes to winning or losing at the “Casino” (메리트카지노). Having friends who also enjoy the blackjack tables or in front of a slot machine is fine, but we will play with people who follow a rational style of play, on a budget and who know the game well. Avoid impulsive friends, who play without a strategy. Even if you think your style is cold and rational, sooner or later you will become a hot and mindless player.

  • Do not play with the senses 100%

Being 100% focused on the game is essential to avoid mistakes, and this is something that cannot get out of hand. In physical casinos, we find free cocktails or drinks while we play, but as you know, alcohol can be your greatest enemy in the casino. If you lose track of the money bet and control of the game you will have lost. But that is something that can also be applied in online casinos: we will never play the casino under the influence of substances that alter our perception of reality or if we do not have the right frame of mind.

  • Get out of control with tips
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Tip management is another crucial aspect of land-based casinos. You have to control tips since after all, they are money that we are losing. Tips to dealers must be in accordance with the winnings, the money wagered and the playing time. There are also those who only offer tips when they make certain profits. We can also tip the waitresses to enhance our reputation among casino supervisors, but always in control of the money.

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