September 3, 2021

3 Unique Hublot Watch Collections You Should Look Out For


When hearing about Swiss watch brands for the first time, we would often hear the names “Rolex” and “Omega” being thrown around. While they are indeed the two most popular Swiss watch brands today, other Swiss watch brands deserve some attention as well, such as Hublot. If we compare Hublot to other Swiss watch brands, it’s relatively new to the game. Carlo Crocco, an Italian scion of the Binda Group dynasty, established the brand in the 1980s and took the name from the French word for “porthole.” Most watch collectors and lovers know Hublot for the Big Bang, which propelled this company into massive popularity and success.


Today, Hublot boasts about five watch collections, each with its style, history, and look. But regardless of their differences, all Hublot watch collections attempt to materialize and pay homage to Carlo Crocco and his insights on the designs that make watches beautiful.

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1. Spirit of Big Bang

At first glance, you might think that the Hublot Watches from the Spirit of Big Bang family belong to some kind of sub-collection for the more popular Big Bang watches. And while the Big Bang and the Spirit of Big Bang watch collections share some similarities in the name, they are anything but alike. When you put a Spirit of Big Bang watch and a Big Bang watch beside each other, you will immediately see the differences even when you look at them for the first time. But to admit, there are some aspects that both the Spirit of Big Bang and the Big Bang watch collections share. Yet let us start with the differences. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two collections has to do with the shape of the watch case. While most Big Bang watches feature a somewhat circular watch case, the Spirit of Big Bang looks different, thanks in part to its barrel-shaped watch case with rounded sides.

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The Spirit of Big Bang also features fewer collections than the Big Bang watch collection, which boasts more watch models.  But the Spirit of Big Bang still brings creativity and functionality to a whole new level, with a variety of materials, colors, and complications you can choose from. From skeleton watches and tourbillon watches to chronographs and moon phase watches, there are a lot of designs in the Spirit of Big Bang watches that you can choose from. This collection also features a lot of unconventional materials, from titanium and magic gold to sapphire crystal and even carbon.



2. Big Bang

It’s impossible to talk about Hublot without talking about Big Bang, the flagship model line of this Swiss watch company. After all, this is the watch that launched the firm into popularity. This watch collection has won several accolades, but it also became a subject of controversy in the watch world when it was unveiled to the public. For some critics, the Big Bang seems to be a rip-off of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, perhaps the most popular luxury sports watch model ever released. But while it shares some similarities with the Royal Oak from a design perspective, it’s certainly a beautiful, functional, and attention-catching timepiece. This similarity with Royal Oak is also one good reason to keep this watch as a collector’s item. But what’s great about the Big Bang watch model is the variety of colors, designs, materials, and functionalities that you can choose from. While it was marketed towards men, there are also Big Bang watches that women would surely adore.

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The Big Bang even has a sub-family of smartwatches powered by Google Wear OS called the Big Bang Connected. And while other watch brands have also released their line of smartwatches, the Big Bang is so far the only watch model line from Hublot that has its versions of smartwatches. But aside from smartwatches, the Big Bang watch family also features tourbillon watches, moon phase watches, skeleton watches, and even dress watches for both men and women. The Big Bang also has chronographs that are both stylish and functional. Truly, there is a Big Bang watch for every style.

3. Classic Fusion

And finally, Hublot has the Classic Fusion series of watches, a model line consisting of unique and elegant watches. While this watch family garners less popularity than the Big Bang or even the Spirit of Big Bang watch families, the Classic Fusion watches still have an undeniable beauty and sleekness to them. Just like the previous two watch families, the Classic Fusion contains watches of different designs, colors, materials, and complications. The Classic Fusion uses luxurious metal straps for their watches while the Big Bang mostly uses rubber. But one thing that unites all Classic Fusion watches is their classic look.

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Just like most Hublot watch collections, the Classic Fusion features some chronographs in different colors and materials. However, most people do not recognize this mode line for its chronographs. Rather, they often see Classic Fusion watches as accessories that you would wear in a gala or any other formal occasion. In addition, while both the Big Bang and the Spirit of Big Bang have been watched with flashy, mechanical looks with crowded dials, the Classic Fusion wants to keep things a little bit minimalistic from the Hublot perspective. And by minimalist, we mean less bling and more clean-cut looks. Most Hublot watches want to make a statement, but the Classic Fusion is the perfect watch for those who want a Hublot watch and still likes to keep it toned down.


Despite being relatively new to the watchmaking game, Hublot has proven itself to be a different Swiss watch brand from its more established competitors. Hublot helped materialize the aspirations of its founder, and by doing so, it became one of the most well-known Swiss watch brands in the market. Every Hublot watch collection has its own identity, showing off different styles to cater to every taste and preference. From sporty tool watches to clean-cut, classically designed dress watches, Hublot has every watch both women and men will surely love.

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Surely, Hublot had its fair share of controversy in the past. But whether you are a passionate watch collector or an ordinary person fascinated by watches, you can never deny the charm a Hublot watch possesses, regardless of the watch collection. No two Hublot watches are alike, but they are watches that could capture anyone’s attention when worn.


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